Rosland Capital Review & Complaints

If you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio, it’s time you get started with Rosland Capital.

Rosland Capital is a precious metal dealer that has been around since 2008. The company deals in and helps people invest all sorts of precious metals in their IRA, including gold, palladium, platinum, and silver. They also have a well-versed base on how to diversify your investment.

In addition to these services, Rosland Capital is recognized for its user-friendly interface that lets you navigate your holdings and easily make purchases. Not to mention their expert economist, Jeffrey Nichols, who, besides working on the official newsletter to deliver educational items to your inbox, offers advice to both the business and its customers.

Nevertheless, customers have raised concerns about the business’s offerings, and it’s important we address them in this review.

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Important stats about the company:

  • Over 1,000+ 5 star online ratings
  • AAA customer rated
  • Protects more than $1 BILLION in retirement savings
  • 5x Inc 500 winner
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 2021 company of the year

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Pros and Cons of Rosland Capital


  • A brand recognized for serving its clients with high-quality precious metals.
  • Through simple online research, clients can confirm the existence of the company. This is mainly through YouTube videos and social media.
  • Over many years, the company has built a reputation for excellence, evident in its services and capacity to efficiently address consumer needs.
  • has a lot of precious metals in its inventory, including platinum, silver, and gold.
  • They also provide investment suggestions, retirement plans, and wealth-building techniques to assist customers in achieving their financial objectives.


Among the complaints that have come in about Rosland Capital include:

  • High cost of most of its precious metals. Their gold products, for instance, can be pretty expensive.
  • This suggests they may not be suitable for novice investors looking to venture into that investment.
  • Customers may feel uneasy doing business with Rosland Capital since it’s owned by the American Jewelry Association, which is not a member of the precious metals sector.
  • It may not be evident to customers who wish to open an investing account, but it might become an issue for clients whose purchasing decisions are motivated by ethical considerations.
  • Customers are still concerned that the company doesn’t sell genuine products even though it’s one of the most reputable businesses in the precious metal investing sector.

While it’s generally safer for clients to deal with Rosland Capital, it doesn’t guarantee a positive experience for every client. In actuality, it would be best for clients seeking long-term investments to look at alternative choices.

About Rosland Capital

They are a precious metals company situated in Los Angeles, California, and was established in 2008 by Marvin Aleksov.

The business is dedicated to offering educational materials to the public so they may learn more about metal-backed IRAs and precious metals and make the best decisions for their portfolios. Rosland offers actual metals for sale, including unique-proof coins as well as gold, palladium, platinum, and silver bullion bars.

In the previous decade, the company has grown internationally with linked offices in South America and Europe. They have solid partnerships with the British Museum, the International Tennis Federation, the PGA Tour, and Formula 1. And together, they have created collections of specially licensed coins of the highest caliber for fans and clients. Additionally, Rosland Capital is a Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Core Partner.

More of the company’s reviews and reputation can be seen on the BBB website. There, you’ll also see their A+ rating. The countless positive testimonials left by actual customers are also visible.

You may also read reviews of the company on Amazon from customers who have purchased silver, gold, and platinum coins, as well as ingots and bars from the company.

Rosland Capital Products Offered


They offer bars, coins, and ingots of gold. Some of their gold products have received certification from several reputable agencies, including NGC, PCGS, and more.


Platinum is available in bars, coins, and ingots. The business also provides 99.99% pure transparent ingots.

Due to its numerous industrial uses and high monetary worth, platinum is one of the most preferred precious metals for investment globally.


You can purchase silver bars and coins with a government mint or private seal. The company provides pure silver products with 99.99% purity and raw metal, which is produced by the customer’s preferred refinery.


They offers transparent bars in silver, gold, and platinum, all made of high-quality investment products.

Premium Coins

Additionally, They offer for sale premium raw materials like bars and coins. There’s a broad selection of precious metal products that reputable agencies like NGC and PCGS have approved.

Bullion Coins

They have bullion coins in silver, gold, and platinum. It offers a wide array of precious metals products with the most distinguished coin manufacturers.

IRA Eligible Products

The company also provides gold, platinum, and silver products for retirement. All these are IRA eligible, and Rosland Capital provides trustee- and self-directed retirement plans for them.

In addition to these products, the company offers numerous retirement ideas to assist customers in building their portfolios.

Exclusive Specialty Coins

Bars, coins, and ingots are also available from Rosland Capital as specialty items. Buyers can choose precious metals from various insects and animals, such as crickets and fish. These are exclusive editions only offered by them.

Formula 1

Are you a formula 1 fan? Rosland Capital now offers gold and silver collections for people like you. Some of these have been signed by top drivers like Massa, Hamilton, Button, Alonso, and more.

Setting Up a Gold IRA Through Rosland Capital

Before getting started on gold IRA, it’s prudent to scrutinize potential options available to you. This will help weigh your options coupled with the expenses involved in the process.

You’ll also learn about precious metals that resonate with your retirement plan to make the right choice for your portfolio.

Should you choose to set up a gold IRA, there are three key steps to the process.

IRA Setup

A representative will walk you through this process by sending forms for you to fill and sign. Afterward, there will be an agreement per the IRA administrator’s stated regulations.

Choose an Asset

Once you’ve set up an account with Rosland Capital, all you need to do at this step is to convert your funds into gold. You’ll also have the chance to examine what will be included in the Gold IRA.

Funding the Account

This is where you’ll add funds to your Gold IRA account. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this, from using your savings to rolling over an existing retirement account.

The main objective is to have the cash in place to buy actual precious metals, which Rosland will then store in Delaware on your behalf. The metals will be sorted and kept in separate storage.

Once the setup is complete, you’ll have to pay the IRA custodian yearly fees (Equity Institutional). These fees will be for administrative work and storage of precious metals.

At that point, the setup procedure is over. You will continue to pay Equity Institutional annually to manage your account. And upon attaining 72 years of age, is when you’ll have to start taking distributions. At this time, you can take metals out of your account or sell them for cash.

Why Place Gold in Your IRA?

  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) safeguard your retirement and financial security.
  • They allow you to set aside savings for future use.
  • In order to enjoy a safe and pleasant retirement, it’s crucial to invest a sizeable amount of these long-term funds into reliable and strong assets.
  • You can put cash in your IRA, but that’s depreciating swiftly, and inflation is out of control.
  • There’s no better asset for this than gold because it’s dependable, holds its value over time, and even grows in value.
  • Investors are now defending themselves by putting physical gold in IRAs because of an all-time high uncertainty as the global economy struggles due to conflicts, shortages, and inflation.

Investing Fees

Rosland Capital has fairly straightforward fees with no hidden or additional fees. You can verify their prices with your representative before making a purchase.

The account setup fee is $50, coupled with a $225 administration fee and a minimum starting deposit of $10,000. On other occasions, you’ll be required to pay a separate fee for storage.

Customers highly regard Rosland Capital as the best investment source for precious metals. This makes it an ideal investment for a long-term plan.

Jeffrey Nichols Review

Jeffrey Nichols, who serves as the company’s Senior Economic Advisor, for instance, endorsed the company.

In 2014, he wrote a review of the company stating that it operates with trust and integrity, emphasizing personal relationships.

Website Optimization

Website analyses such as Alexa have ranked Rosland Capital highly for various keywords. They are #253 globally for gold and silver. The company also ranks among the top 10 in states like Oklahoma and California.

Business Consumer Alliance Review

Business consumer alliance gave the company a AAA rating – the highest rating assigned by BCA. Ratings are based on the type of business, complaint history, duration in business, background information, government actions, licensing information, and advertising review.

Better Business Bureau Review

Better Business Bureau also gave Rosland Capital an A+ rating. The BBB first accredited the company in October 2008.

Reach150 Review

Rosland Capital uses the Reach150 platform for approvals from satisfied customers. As of July 2021, more than 600 of Capital’s customers recommended specific account reps at the company.

Customer Reviews

Customers have posted great reviews on their social media business pages. A good number are content with Rosland Capital’s services, products, and overall service.

Complaints and Compliments

While there are numerous positive reviews for Rosland Capital, a few complaints on BBB indicate that customers have concerns regarding the company’s slow shipping times and physical location.

They claim that the company takes much longer than 14 days, as indicated on their tracking information. This may slow down the rate at which investment starts to grow and add value to your portfolio.

Rosland Capital Review: Our Final verdict

Rosland Capital is a reputable investment company. It has all the basics you’d look for in a precious metals investment company. They are fairly transparent about their fees, and their representatives will walk you through the setup process.

Customers cited expertise and knowledge of the company’s specialists. However, when you get in touch with their service reps, it’s a fifty-fifty chance of whether they will be helpful.

There’s also a fair share of bad customer reviews to contemplate. According to most people, the company representatives hardly listen to their needs, that they find it challenging to get through to real people, and that there is a lot of pointless upselling.

Most bad reviews focus primarily on the payable coins. They claim that they have a considerable markup above their actual worth. The salespeople also charge ridiculously high rates on commission without being straightforward about them.

As a result, we’d suggest trying a different company for your gold IRA investment. Maintaining a long-term connection with a business that genuinely cares about your requirements is preferable to working with one that will irritate you.

While we do believe Rosland Capital is a good company, there are still better companies to invest with.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to claim your free silver and investment kit from our #1 recommended company for investing precious metals below.
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