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If you are familiar with Gold Avenue then you already know it is a reputable precious metals dealer. This outfit serves millions of people all over the world and they have offices in Australia, Europe and the United States. They have thousands of customers and these people have been with them for years. Now, there are two questions we have to answer: How good is the service Gold Avenue offers? Compared to other bullion dealers out there, how does Gold Avenue compare?

Our Gold Avenue Review

Product: Precious Metals
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 Stars

Gold Avenue is popular eCommerce platform. This company is part of the MKS PAMP GROUP. It is a Swiss company but it has a global reach. This company has two things going for it. it is backed by the MKS PAMP GROUP network but it also has all the benefits of a small business.

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With over 700 employees in the parent company, this firm is doing quite well. Gold Avenue has 20 experts who are gurus in the precious metals business. Each expert has a specialty so you are safe with them because they will give you first class advice and information on precious experts.

This company is noted for transparency and trust. There is no hidden agenda when you sign up with them because you can easily get information on each team member on the site. Even if you are not familiar with precious metals investing, the experts here will help you learn the ropes.

The experts on Gold Avenue have been in the business for ever six decades. Gold Avenue was created from the parent company to make things easier for customers who want to buy gold and other precious metals conveniently.

Storage Solutions

If you are keen on storing your gold safely, Gold Avenue is the perfect destination for you. This company has ultra-secure gold vaults in Switzerland. Remember that Switzerland is a tax heaven so this means that your gold deposits are safe from the prying eyes of tax authorities. You also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having your gold in a banking system that observes privacy laws and total commitment to the customer.

The chances that you will lose money when you invest in Gold Avenue are very slim. This is because the facility is secure and almost impossible to breach. Again, all your precious metals are insured and this means you are fully covered in cases of theft (very unlikely), damage or loss. None of these are likely to happen but in the unlikely event that any of them does happen, the worst-case scenario is that you get your money back.

The best part of the deal is that your gold and other precious metals are not placed on balance sheet of the vault. In simple English, this means that even if the depository goes bankrupt, your precious metals will be returned to you. The depository does not own your gold so your precious metals cannot be seized no matter what happens.

Just having your precious metals in the Gold Avenue vault means you have a huge advantage. For one thing, you have sweet resale options. At the touch of a button or at the click of a mouse, you can sell your gold or precious metals. You won’t even have to pay any shipping fee to do this because you already have your goods in the company vault.

Once you become a customer, you get a wallet. This wallet serves as a tool to track the performance of your investments. In effect, you can simply analyze the data on your own investments and determine the best time to buy or sell your holdings.

If you want any of your items sent to you, all you have to do is make the request. Gold Avenue delivers to all the countries in Europe but the information on deliveries to Australia and the United States is sketchy. Note the deliveries are fully insured and the person receiving the goods must sign for them.

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Making a Purchase

This platform is one of the easiest outfits online for buying precious metals. You don’t even have to speak to any of the company’s representatives. Just log on the website, select the products you like and add them to your cart. Pay for the goods and you get them almost immediately. It is as simple as that.

In case you are looking for products that are free of value added tax, you can search for these ones specifically on the site. Some precious metals in this category are platinum, silver and palladium. Note that if you are buying gold in Switzerland, you are liable to pay a value added tax of 7.7%.

Another advantage for buyers like you is that everything is transparent. The prices on the screen are updated in real time so you know exactly what you are paying at every point in the transaction.

Storage Prices

Different storage packages are available

Just buy your precious metals through this company and you can get a free storage account. This account is fully insured and it can hold about eleven thousand dollars’ worth of precious metals. Meanwhile, you have nothing to worry about because you can get your precious metals delivered to you any time you want.

For just eight dollars per month, you can store a hundred and ten thousand dollars’ worth of metal in your vault. Choose this option from the outset and you even get three free months.

If your precious metals holdings exceed one hundred and ten thousand dollars’ worth, you lose 0.5% of your total holding as charge per year. The good thing is that you will get a dedicated account manager for this vault.

Is Gold Avenue a Scam?

This company is not a scam. It has an excellent online reputation with many satisfied customers. Just take a look at Trustpilot and you will find out that many people give Gold Avenue an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This company is a reputable online bullion dealer with offices in many countries. Gold Avenue is based in Switzerland and this should tell you something about their reputation and their standard.

This firm has received consistently high ratings from the right quarters. Even the most discriminating clients usually give Gold Avenue the thumbs up when they deal with this firm.

It is important to point out that Gold Avenue doesn’t offer the popular precious metals IRA service. As you probably know, gold IRAs are regulated by American regulatory agencies. For this reason, many international firms don’t offer this service as it requires an intricate knowledge of American pension and tax laws.

If you are keen on investing in the precious metals IRA, your best bet is to find an expert who has the skills knowledge and experience to help you invest successfully.

Pros & Cons of Gold Avenue

This firm has positive reviews online.
It also has a huge online presence with offline offices in over ten countries.
It is very easy to buy precious metals on this platform.

This company has its headquarters in Switzerland so it has no NBB page.
It does not offer gold IRA services or even precious metals IRA service.

Final Thoughts

Important: We DO NOT recommend using this company. Instead we recommend Goldco that is having a promotion for a FREE gold kit right now.

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Gold Avenue is a reputable online company. It has its headquarters in Switzerland and has branches in many European countries. It has been in business for over six decades and it is definitely one of the largest gold retailers in the world.

When it comes to a good corporate image, size does not always translate to success. However, Gold Avenue has both size and reputation.

This company is a great one for shrewd investors and it offers many benefits. The only minor problem is that it does not offer its clients gold IRA service. You can solve this problem by setting up your gold IRA account with another firm.

Finally, it is safe to state that this company has a lot going for it and has very few shortcomings. This firm is transparent in its dealings with the public and this is why it has become a huge success story.

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