Schiff Gold Review

Although many other sellers focus on the glamor side of jewelry, this could involve many downsides and make it seem like they are not focused on the customer. An exception is that it is able to offer a buyback for products, prices that are low, expertise, and a great experience with customer service.

It is believed by many that it one option that provides great market opportunities and continues to rank high among many categories such as quality, price, and customer service. With high rankings such as these, it also meant their shares were bought more often than any others.

Warning: We do not recommend Schiff Gold as our top choice if you are looking to invest.

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The Schiff Gold Review

Since the guarantee first came out in 2016, the company continues to strive forward. The company knows that having this guarantee will make the company move forward as well as allowing the customers to achieve comfort in knowing that the investment they make is in good hands.

As a broker, they specialize in silver and gold precious metals. The guarantee is offered every day, all day and is available for the first month that your account is opened.

This guarantee ensures that your investment can be returned if you feel like your investment is not doing as good as you think it should.This guarantee also allows you to obtain an account statement if there is ever any issue concerning your investment. This way, Schiff is able to review any appeal that you may have about your investment.

The Owner and Founder of Schiff Gold

As Schiff Gold’s founder, Michael Spencer is among the best in finance and remains highly respected by his clients and peers. Michael is able to trade among the best available today and has a nice grasp of the financial markets so that his clients are able to achieve the most financial success. He also advises many finance entities who specialize in gold trading.

Independent Rating

Out of 5 stars, they have a rating of 4.4. This rating was obtained through the many ratings that current clients have provided over time. It is important to determine whether the ratings are authentic from clients or if the reviewers are paid. Regardless, you need to trust the broker’s services with the funds and investments you make. Plus, they have also appeared in quite a few news websites.

Schiff Gold Fee Policy

When you make a transfer, a fee will be assessed. The fee can be as high as $250, and will be determined by type of account and the amount of time required for the transfer.

Not only that, but buying back any investment is very popular. You should understand that the clients who took advantage of the buyback guarantee normally waited for months before they saw their money.

Assessment through Video

Assessing the Schiff Gold through video allows the client to see how the company directives and services are playing out and is a great way to get the best results.

Provide your own Review

Being a part of this company means you are able to have a company that makes it their point to hear their customers so that any issues can be resolved. Their goal is to ensure that their customers remain as happy as possible.

When you are ready and you like what you have read so far, then go ahead and give them a review of your own so that you will see what they offer and know that they can offer great investment services.

Having Orders Shipped

Once an order has been placed, there are a few options for shipping. The best is a tracker to track the order online. The price of this shipping method will be more than other options. Another option is to have it picked up from the Dallas office. However, when there is no time limit, then you can expect your delivery to be on time no matter where you are in the world within 3 days from verification.


There are many services that Schiff Gold provides to clients. But the difference between them and other brokers is that they permit clients to have commissions and spreads worked out. They also see the number of refunds a client can obtain.

Many Investment Holders

With so much to appreciate, it is no wonder that so many investors have now become investment holders and have no plans of moving to any other brokerage firms for their investment needs.

Customer Reviews

A number of reviews exist and they all are providing the same amount of positive feedback, such as being professional, providing great service, and an overall great choice. Plus, many of the investors are also prepared to give as much back to Schiff Gold as a way to show appreciation and to uphold the brokerage’s reputation.

Refunds offered by Schiff Gold covers a 30 day period if there are any issues that come up.

As a brokerage, they are able to provide a guarantee that allows clients to buyback their investment. This is a great option that many clients love because it keeps their minds at ease and assists with building trust among their customers.

Contacting Schiff Gold Customer Service

When you are in need of customer service, the agents are readily available either by calling or the chat option, regardless of the time. The customer service agents are available to answer any question no matter what the issue is.

Available Types of Accounts

There are two account types offered through Schiff Gold. These are institutional or retail accounts. These accounts have a difference in investing and that involves the amount. The amount for an institutional account is above $5 million and will allow you to make trades on margin.

The Retail Account

With a retail account, it is designed for investors who have never made an investment deposit before and want to maintain an account that is conservative. This account involves a minimum deposit of $5,000 and does not include any expiration. This account also does not guarantee you with a buyback if it is beyond 30 days. The good thing though is that a statement for the account can still be obtained within a few days.

The Institutional Account

An institutional account works great for investors who wish to invest at least $5 million on margin.

Using the institution account allows you to deposit a minimum of $50,000. Once funded, you will obtain a policy for 3 years, which allows you to make deposits and withdrawals when you feel like.

Initiating a Payout

A payout is an easy process that allows the investor to obtain payouts either on a daily or monthly level.When a payout is initiated, a $20 fee is assessed. Similar to other brokerage firms, there are several different terms concerning payment.

Limitations on Purchases

When making a purchase, an investor is limited to a monthly amount of 500 ounces.

Making a Decision to Invest

When you decide to invest, you are investing with a leader in precious metals. One thing to love the most includes their buyback opportunities and the simplicity of their process to deposit and trade. Their service is friendly and the number of options for payment are plentiful, which allow you to save while investing in gold.

Overall Cost

The cost for Schiff Gold may seem like a lot when you compare them to other brokers. Annually, the fee that is assessed is around 0.35%. This percent is considered higher than other brokers. There are no fees for membership, but a manager fee for the individual account is set at $1,750, while an institution account will have a $3,500 account fee.

The Investment Spread

When you have a spread, it is the price difference of what you pay and what the price was. On average, the broker spread is around 1.20%. This is a low spread by comparison and is used towards the buyback of gold investments. So as you sell your gold, you will receive a 1.20% return on the amount that is sold back.

Advantages and Disadvantages


The pricing makes it an excellent buy for rounds, bars, and coins.
You can take advantage of a 1% rebate on the gold you sell back
Other precious metals offered include platinum and silver
Low fees


A virtual broker with no “brick and mortar” office, but is located in Texas.
Trading may seem difficult for new investors
Margin accounts are only available for institutions

Warning: We do not recommend Schiff Gold as our top choice if you are looking to invest.

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When you want an investment broker that has experience with precious metals, then you should be investing with Schiff Gold. This broker caters to their clients with services that take the hassle out of trading so that you receive the highest amount of cash and buybacks.

Although you may see a high minimum deposit of $5,000, this can be seen as normal since it is an investment broker and the fact that investing is a serious decision to make. If investing is new to you, it is important to not allow this to turn you away. The reputation is great and they are easy to invest with.

With a slew of branches nationwide, you can believe that there is a good amount of stability in the company as well as its reputation being good and well an industry leader that provides excellent service.

You will enjoy a low price for the investment you make and that is great for gold coins, rounds, and bars. But you need to be aware that you need to understand that a few options exist in buying the precious metal. Investing allows a buyback in exchange of a life insurance policy.

Despite this, margin accounts are not offered, which some new investors may feel down about. Despite its short amount of time in the industry, it is able to remain very competitive when it comes to services offered and pricing. The platform for the company is online and you are able to obtain both gold coins and bars and sell them back at your leisure for the specified price.

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