Patriot Gold Group Review

Based in California, Patriot has continued to provide gold bullion and coins for at least 20 years. On top of this, they have also continued to provide a multitude of other products that their customers continue to love.

Who the Patriot Is

With its headquarters in California, Patriot offers an Austin, Texas location that offers nationwide service. As a leader in the gold bullion industry, Patriot continues to be showcased in financial news outlets like Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York Times, and Money.

Patriot easily supplies a guarantee that customers will be 100% satisfied. This guarantee will assure you that you will be completely satisfied once your product is received. Besides this satisfaction guarantee, you will also receive free shipping for any online order with a minimum purchase price of $500.

Warning: We DO NOT recommend Patriot Gold Group as our top choice if you are looking to invest.

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Minimum Investment Amount

When you decide to make an investment, it is good to know what the minimum investment amount is. This way you will know if a plan in gold investment is right for you. Currently, the minimum for investing is $1,000. However, you are able to skip the minimum requirement when you choose the Large Account to make your investments.

Do Patriot Charge Fees?

Regardless of the amount of gold you invest in with Patriot there will never be any fees involved. You will also not have to worry about any fees for having your gold sold or stored by Patriot.

There are also no other requirements to meet prior to investing, outside of the minimum amount, which means if you have the money, then you can invest and be a part of the action. Although there is no minimum, there is a yearly maximum to invest, which is set at $4,500.

Various Patriot Products Available

The products offered by Patriot include the following:

The Gold Coin

The main focus of the Patriot is gold coin investment. With a whole slew of options in terms of coins, they are able to provide resources to help you achieve a better understanding of gold investment. Their service concentrates around investors who have limited income to invest, but still have the ability to profit.

The group’s experience allows them to assist in your ability to obtain a price that is right and be able to sell back as soon as the price is right for you.

Advantages of Purchasing Gold Coins

  • Gold coins are pure 24K
  • Supply is unlimited
  • Coins are certified by the Good Delivery and London Bullion Market Association

Disadvantages of Purchasing Gold Coins

  • You may experience a higher price

The Gold Bar

As a gold investment company, it only makes sense that there would be gold bars to invest in. The bars vary in ounces, which means the price will also vary.

Advantages of Purchasing Gold Bars

  • Wide variety of gold bar options
  • Affordable prices

Disadvantages of Purchasing Gold Bars

  • Website purchases may seem difficult

The Gold Certificate

A great alternative to physical gold is a gold certificate. Although the certificate does not provide liquidity in the same manner as gold bars or coins, they can keep inflation at bay and prevent a currency’s devaluation. Besides this, there are some other advantages.

Advantages of Purchasing a Gold Certificate

  • No need for storing the gold
  • Make for great collateral
  • No need to file taxes until they are sold
  • You are exempt from taxes if the selling price is below the original purchase price

Disadvantages of Purchasing a Gold Certificate

  • Only physical gold backs the gold certificates and no other forms of insurance.

The Bullion

No matter where the bullion originates, it is an efficient investment method.

Not only is the gold bullion an efficient form of investment, but it makes the perfect hedge when it comes to inflation and portfolio diversification.

The gold bullion coins from Patriot are pure, one troy ounce gold.

Advantages of Purchasing Gold Bullion

  • Many bullion types and designs available
  • Comes in one troy ounces

Disadvantages of Purchasing Gold Bullion

  • Investing in gold bullion is not a company investment
  • Investment gains are slow

Getting Your Patriot Investment Started

When you are ready to begin investing, you should begin with a free trial option. Under the free trial, you are able to enjoy each service that they provide without having to make a commitment.

Once you get the hang of the free trial, you should have enough knowledge to make a purchase of a plan that is right for you.

Convenience and Hassle-Free Way of Gold Investing Through Patriot

Investing gold through Patriot is able to offer convenience that is hassle-free. Investors are catered by the company and ensure that the gold is of the highest quality. By investing through the website, it provides an easy method to obtain gold from a trusted source.

When there is no time for any investment in person, then the online option makes it a great way to obtain gold and sell it back.There are no fees and the minimum purchase amount is low. These features make Patriot a great option for investing when you are unsure of how it all works.

Profits Through Patriot May Not Occur As Fast As You May Think

The investment program through Patriot is advertised as high-yield and the company states that the return will be at a high rate that includes interest. However, investing in actual gold and making purchases of actual gold and bullion does not allow for interest to be earned because the amount earned is only based on a per ounce price.

A good example is when gold’s price is $1,000 for an ounce of gold and the ounce is sold, then the amount you would receive would be what the price of an ounce of gold is currently at, which would be $1,000.

Be Aware Of Who You Are Dealing With While Investing With Patriot

Just like any other financial decision that you may make, you need to remain cautious with the way that you invest and with whom you invest with. Remember, the ultimate decision of whether you should buy from one company over the next is entirely yours to make.

Just ensure that the information that you have collected is current about gold coins and bouillon as well as everything about the company before you send any money.

You Could Experience A Significant Loss With Patriot

Because gold’s value constantly fluctuates, you may end up playing more for an ounce one day and pay a lot less on another day. Because of this fluctuation, the risk can be both good and bad for an investor. You also should know that many other things could occur which you may not be in control of, which could create poor execution within the financial market.

It can be a challenge to invest if you do not know which investment is right for you. The good thing about Patriot’s investment program is that investors are promised with the ability to have their investment doubled within a few short months.

Research Patriot Prior to Making Any Investment

Like we mentioned earlier, you need to ensure that the investment company is trustworthy. The best way to ensure that Patriot is trustworthy is to research them thoroughly and search for any customer reviews online. This search will allow you to know if they truly are legitimate.

Make sure to cover all of your ground like the BBB rating, the SEC, and if they have a presence on social media.

Through Patriot, their program is able to offer many opportunities to invest. It is also available at an unbelievable low price. All investors can also take advantage of the investment platform in order for selling to take place. For investors who wish to invest their retirement, there is an IRA that can be opened to make gold investment even easier.

Patriot Qualities

  • Investors can invest without delay
  • Payout minimum is $25
  • Payout are commission-based
  • No fees

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Patriot

As a company, the Patriot provides many investors a chance to enjoy gold investing as well as provide other different precious metals. The website for Patriot contains a significant amount of gold investment information so that you are able to keep wealth protected and enjoy its growth. However, you need to be aware of things that could come up.

Advantages of Patriot

  • As a company, Patriot takes good care of their staff and provides a good amount of flexibility in the work schedule. If you love to invest, then being a part of the Patriot is a good idea.
  • The job does ot require you to be in office and employees are able to enjoy working from home or anywhere else where they have internet access.
  • Staff have enjoyed the great pay that they receive along with a great amount of free time.

Disadvantages of Patriot

  • Working hours may seem long, but it is always worth it.


Warning: We DO NOT recommend Patriot Gold Group as our top choice if you are looking to invest.

Out of all the research we’ve done to find the best company.. Fortunately, our top company, Goldco, is running a limited time promotion and giving away free silver for qualified people.(most people qualify easily) Click Here to get their free guide and see if you qualify!

It is our hope that you have gained a significant amount of knowledge from what we brought to your attention concerning the Patriot. As you can see, many examples show why you need to be aware of the good and bad sides of investing. This can be due to many reasons such as fraud, but it can also mean that if you see something that is good, then you can also expect something bad to come along.


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