Gem State Gold and Silver Review

The precious metals market is one of the many modern investment opportunities. However, before making such an investment, you should consult with a professional, experienced service provider in the industry. This article contains all of the information you need to know about Gem State Gold and Silver Company.

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Important Information About This Company:

• Over 1,000 five-star online reviews
• They safeguard almost $1 billion in retirement assets
• A customer rating of AAA
• BBB A+ Rating
• Five-time award winner

About the Gem State Gold and Silver Company

Gem State is a firm in charge of acquiring gold and silver items. Furthermore, the organization specializes in purchasing numerous kinds of precious metals and providing the best value to consumers. The company is owned by Marvin and Yvonne Tanner.

Though it has been in business for almost 30 years, the public is just now becoming aware of this company’s offerings. There is a retail location where customers may learn crucial details about the organization. The corporation mostly offers its services for mining silver and gold in the state of Idaho.

An effective strategy and a corporation that adheres to many regulatory criteria are essential for operating a precious metals business. Due to government concerns regarding the handling of resources like precious metals, compliance with these regulations might be challenging at times.

However, companies like Gem State Gold and Silver have gotten around the state’s restrictions on such activities. It is a tool that assists in ensuring that the company’s customers receive the highest return on their investments. The company’s performance also depends on how well it can change its operations to meet the needs of the business market right now.

The Gem State Gold and Silver Company’s Advantages

There are many benefits to buying precious metals from the Gem State Gold and Silver Company, such as:

Diversification of Metal Processing Methods

The Gem State Gold and Silver Corporation deals with a variety of precious metals. One of the company’s operations is smelting and turning metals into valuable bars. In addition to these unique metal processing technologies, the firm also takes old metals in any physical form or condition.

Melting, assaying, and collecting metal samples are all reasonably priced at the organization. The company’s technical section is always looking for potential precious metal investments. The company collects and organizes this information to help customers make much better financial decisions.

The organization replies to each consumer’s information request and offers detailed advice on investing in precious metals. The company also tries to keep higher standards for financial advice than most of its competitors.

Affordable Prices

Gold State and Silver is currently an industry leader as a result of its significant expertise over the years. The organization has worked with various customers throughout the years, which it leverages to give value to them. Customers who want to invest in the correct precious metals may do so at a reasonable price.

All customers receive free advice and estimations on the price of the metals they wish to buy. Additionally, Gold and Silver are also professionals in the buying of precious metals.

Those who elect to sell precious metals will be compensated in line with the firm’s standards. Gem State Gold and Silver offers competitive pricing without sacrificing product quality.

Rapid Responses

Due to the large number of individuals seeking low prices, precious metals investment may be a time-consuming procedure. This is among the main reasons why Gem State Gold & Silver works so hard to give its customers up-to-date information.

The crew in charge of keeping the company’s data has been taught to evaluate different metal items. Furthermore, they respond with free prices and estimations for certain precious metals. The department is best contacted via phone or through its social media accounts.

Custom Metal Appraisal Techniques

The specialists at Gem State Gold and Silver Company have developed unique approaches to managing several forms of precious metals and developed rigorous evaluation techniques. A good example would be the company’s ability to deliver comprehensive, individually priced x-ray small spot assessments.

Customers could expect to spend $50 on average for this service. In addition, the company has recently made investments in a variety of technologies that increase value. One such instrument is the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer.

The technology allows the organization to assess and evaluate numerous things, as well as create new methods of working with precious metals. A customer may readily learn how much precious metal is in a product.

Compliance with Regulations Agency

Several legal and regulatory limitations surround the administration and running of a firm. One of the most important things is making sure that a company meets all the rules and regulations. The key advantage of such regulations is that they protect clients from concerns such as fraud and financial loss.

Only respectable firms gain from regulatory compliance. Since its inception, Gem State Gold & Silver has adhered to all of these requirements.

Confidential Transactions

Precautions must be taken while purchasing or selling precious metals to avoid undesirable effects. As a result, many consumers applaud the company’s relocation to a more private place. Gem and State allow their customers to do business discreetly.

Showroom Viewing

The company’s showroom enables visitors to have a close look at precious metal coins and bars. You may visit the showroom by making an appointment.

They Repair Broken and Obsolete

Even if the jewelry is obsolete or damaged, the firm may be able to produce something useful from it. Gem State offers the knowledge and equipment needed to remelt discarded or damaged goods into gold or silver bars.

Free Advice and Replies

Free information is critical to the company’s long-term success with its consumers. Although they answer consumer queries for free, the material is clear and educational. Because the consultation procedure is brief, each customer should get the relevant information soon after submitting a request.

The company’s many years of expertise in the service business is one of the primary reasons contributing to its enormous worth. Throughout this period, the organization has amassed a substantial body of information regarding precious metals, which it employs to assist clients in making informed selections. The company also gives information about metal prices, which is often helpful for buyers who are just getting started.


Gem State Gold and Silver, like many businesses, is not without flaws. Customers may get several benefits from the company, but a few negatives may diminish their satisfaction.

There Are Just A Few Users’ Reviews

Reading customer reviews is necessary for understanding a company’s previous customers’ experiences. These evaluations inform prospective clients if a company offers the products or services they need. However, just a few Gem State Gold Silver consumer reviews are accessible on various websites.

When searching for Gem State Gold Silver reviews on reputable review websites, just a few consumer comments are located. There are no reviews on the websites of Trust Link, Trustpilot, or Business Customer Alliance.

The BBB gives an A+ rating, but it is not based on client feedback. Aside from the company’s lack of BBB certification, the BBB website only has one user review.

This precious metals firm has received both positive and negative feedback. If potential customers want to discover what former customers have said about the firm, they may be unsure of what to expect.

Outdated Website

The company’s official website seems to be out of date. Furthermore, it seems to be poorly organized and some of the material is difficult to understand, making it difficult to quickly discover the relevant facts and information. The design of the website may not appeal to all consumers.

What to do Before Consulting Gem State Gold & Silver

• Compile all essential data and research your precious metals
• Contact the firm via phone, visit their showroom, or email them
• Get all relevant data provided by the provider, such as pricing estimates and bids
• Consider your financial status, investing choices, and requirements

Final Thoughts

Gem State Gold and Silver goes above and beyond to serve its customers with first-rate service. The organization provides helpful solutions for precious metals investment and has worked with customers from all over the globe. Contact the firm straight away if you want further information on your precious metals.

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Our top-recommended provider is now offering complimentary silver worth up to 10% of every purchase. To give you an idea, if you spent $100,000, you’d receive an additional $10,000 in silver for free if you qualify.

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