Cornerstone Asset Metals Review

Understandably, finding an investment company you can trust with your hard-earned money is hard. When you want to invest, you wish the company of your choice would protect your investment the same way they do their own. Unfortunately, only a few companies care that much about their clients. That’s why before you choose an investment company, research it deeply so you can decide from an informed standpoint.

If interested in dealing with precious metals, one of the companies you might consider is Cornerstone Asset Metals. But is it worth it? Can this company care for your investment adequately? This review will discuss this firm and why there are better options like Goldco.

Warning: We DO NOT recommend Cornerstone Asset Metals as our top choice if you are looking to invest.

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What Does Cornerstone Asset Metals Do?

Cornerstone Asset Metals is one of the investment companies that focuses on precious metals such as palladium, platinum, silver, and gold. Since it was founded in 2009, it is still a new company, not known by many people the way many know about other well-established investment companies.

Compared to other companies, it has fewer clients who have invested in it with the hope of earning some rewards. The company aims to provide its customers with strategies and resources to help them preserve their investments and ensure future returns on investment. The company offers services such as:

– Help inventors with portfolio diversification for effective wealth management.
– Sell IRA-approved precious metals.
– Existing 401(k) or IRA rollovers into Self-Directed IRAs
– Setting up Self-Directed IRAs for new clients.

The firm wants investors to be confident about associating with it, which is why the founders believe their services surpass their client’s expectations. They also promise that if a client feels dissatisfied, they will make things right.

Another area that the company emphasizes is environmental conservation. They try to conserve nature by practicing environmentally-friendly activities like recycling precious metals whenever possible. Their recycled metals are almost 100% pure per the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

Portfolios and Investment Information

Cornerstone offers various investment options to its clients. These options include investment in coins, precious metals, and gold bullion. Their clients can also invest in ETFs, shares, and gold stocks. The company isn’t big enough, which explains why some lucrative investment options are missing.

For example, you’ll notice that the company doesn’t offer investment options like gold ETFs and silver bullion like bars and coins. Furthermore, the firm lacks investment options in silver coins and bars. The company doesn’t focus on silver as it does on palladium, platinum, and gold. This is among the reasons why some hard-core investors look elsewhere.

That notwithstanding, the company allows its clients to undertake metal exchange trades. Customers that choose to invest in one particular metal do so through this investing. According to what the market demands at any given time, the price of the metals will, in this case, differ from the amount they pay. It is advantageous since this firm won’t take advantage of clients’ investments by selling the precious metals at an exorbitant price, so investors will have to pay the best price.

The prices investors will pay for these metals will likewise be considerably less than their typical pricing. Because of the firm’s unique pricing structure, metal exchange trade is only accessible through Exchange Traded Trackers.

The company also offers metal exchange trades in bullion, coins, and bar collections. Investors can only purchase these assets through ETTs. This trade differs from the conventional ETT system because the trader must choose both the precious metal and the price. This means the investors buy the metals by themselves. Cornerstone doesn’t buy the metals for them.

Investment requirements?

Before you take the first step to invest with Cornerstone, find out whether you qualify. First, the minimum deposit the company requires is US$25,000.

This minimum alone puts many investors off, especially new investors who still don’t trust investing in precious metals. If you can’t afford that amount, though, the company allows you to make preliminary deposits, but the amounts involved are still substantial.

Secondly, you can agree with the firm on the frequency of receiving your payments. This is a bit restrictive because you may be barred from receiving a payment any time you need it, no matter how urgently you need the cash.

The company typically offers a lower payment frequency to customers with large deposits. This is because they want to save money while also attracting new customers to sign up. This means that the higher the amount you invest, the lower your payment frequency will be.

So, before investing with this company, determine which level of investment provides the most convenient payment frequency for you. If you are an investor who needs frequent payments, it is advisable to keep your investments low.

Does the Company Operate Legally?

Cornerstone Asset Metals is a duly registered entity, making it reliable and legal. The way it deposits money and conducts business is transparent. The company has rules and regulations that its staff follow when depositing money and performing other business transactions.

The company offers good customer service and treats all its customers equally; there is no discrimination. To this end, the company scores highly, and there is no need for new investors to worry about getting discriminated against when they invest in this company.

Additionally, Cornerstone Asset Metals company is very strict with new clients. They have put several checks in place to ensure they deal with honest people before opening new accounts. For example, the company must confirm customers’ identity, residency, tax records, and credit history before signing them up.

These are just a few things the company requires from new customers before depositing. They do so to ensure they are dealing with legitimate individuals and not fraudsters out to make money dishonestly.

Does the Company offer any discounts?

Cornerstone Asset Metals offers discounts, but this is only available if you have been their customer and made a considerable deposit. You can talk to your broker if you feel you qualify for a discount. The broker can explain why and tell you what to do if you don’t. The discount will be pegged to the amount you have invested.

The discount can help you get a better rate than you usually get when you invest in the company. Discounts are only provided on precious metals, not hard cash (paper money). For you to enjoy a discount, ensure you deposit substantial amounts with the company over time rather than depositing a large amount at once. The firm needs to gauge your loyalty before offering a discount.

Does the Firm Charge Any Fees?

The only service fee the firm charge is for making deposits. They don’t charge any set-up or withdrawal fees. That means there’s no need to add any additional amount to account for brokerage costs when withdrawing your cash. The company can also charge you when you withdraw your metal.

What is the Firm’s Rating?

Currently, Cornerstone Asset Metals is rated 4.5/5 stars. But you must remember that the rating comes from the few investors they have. However, the rating shows the company is efficient and reliable when handling withdrawals and deposits. Additionally, it shows they process payments faster and offer discounts.

There are some red flags, though, regarding the company’s rating. Before making any significant investment, you must check the ratings from different sources. Investing in precious metals isn’t a small investment, so before settling on Cornerstone Asset Metals, go further than the rating you see on their website.

For example, you can check the rating on other reputable rating sites and try to pick out any red flags. One red flag is that the company is highly rated, though it doesn’t have many reviews. A rating of 4.5 stars from a few customers is not enough to make a serious investment decision.

For example, the Better Business Bureau does not rate it. It has an AAA rating on the Business Consumer Alliance site but is not rated by Trustpilot. On TrustLink, it has a rating of 5 stars, but this only comes from three reviews. And on Birdeye, the company has a 3.3 rating based on only three reviews.

Does this mean Cornerstone Asset Metals is a scam? Definitely not. This company is real, and, as already mentioned, it has been in business since 2009. Their services are legitimate, and it is apparent that they are not out to scam investors. Additionally, the customers are assured about the safety of their investments.

Whether or not to invest with this firm is a personal choice, but remember that it has only a few reviews. This contrasts with many other investment companies with higher ratings from hundreds or thousands of reviews.

This is not meant to portray Cornerstone Asset Metals in a bad light, but you need to ask yourself if it’s worth investing considerable money in silver and gold with a company like this. Are you ready to take that risk? Not really.

Besides, they don’t offer much when it comes to investment options. So, if you are thinking of portfolio diversification to spread your risk, Cornerstone Asset Metals isn’t a good option. Another issue with Cornerstone Asset Metals is that their website doesn’t list the silver and gold bars or coins to choose from.

So, you will not know your options compared to other companies dealing in precious metals that provide comprehensive details of the investment options they offer.

The Pros and Cons the Firm


– It normally processes withdrawals and deposits on the same day (within 24 hours), meaning inventors will not wait long before they start receiving their payments. Investors can get their payments easily and quickly by selecting the methods they prefer to receive them. In most cases, the company’s investors choose direct deposits or checks or even have their money deposited into their bank accounts.

– It offers some of the best rates for palladium, platinum, silver, and gold purchases. You will receive not only the best price for your precious metals but also for their delivery.


– The firm doesn’t offer customized pieces of investment advice, nor does it provide research services. This means you will have to make investment decisions without guidance. And when you want to research the best precious metals to invest in and how much to support, you will have to look elsewhere.

– It charges very high deposit fees and high rates of interest. This means you could lose a substantial amount of money in the form of interest when you invest with with this organization. A high-interest rate also means you will wait longer before you start enjoying any benefits.

– It has no live chat feature on its website. This is a feature that is present on many precious metal websites. This feature enables customers to get the assistance they require and to ask any questions they may have.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you now understand that Cornerstone Asset Metals is a legit and reliable precious metal company. However, when it comes to serious investment, we advise that you look elsewhere. The company has limited feedback and reviews from its current and former customers. In addition, it has only a handful of investment options, making it a wrong choice for inventors who want to diversify their portfolios.

We strongly recommend Goldco for precious metal investments. Goldco offers a special promotion in which they give their customers 10% free silver on their orders. For example, if a client invests US$100,000, they will get free silver worth US$10,000.

Goldco is a 5x Inc 500 winner and has a 5-star online rating from over 1,000 reviews. Additionally, they already protect retirement savings worth US$1 billion, meaning the company has strong financial backing. Goldco has an AAA customer rating and an A+ BBB rating and is the 2021 company of the year.

The company offers the best customer service, excellent support system, and has a pool of investment options you can choose from. You can contact their customer service department to find out more about Goldco, and sign up to invest with them.

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