7k Metals Review & Complaints

7K Metals Review

Few merchants have a good reputation as 7k Metals regarding precious metals. This organization has a long history and a solid reputation for offering high-quality goods and services. We’ll examine the advantages and disadvantages of working with this company.

We know that picking a firm to invest with is a crucial financial decision; fortunately for you, we have spent years researching and studying this area.

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• A+ BBB Rating

• Customer-rated by AAA

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About 7k Metal

Providing clients with reasonable rates for the precious Metal is the goal of the multi-level marketing organization 7k Metals. This involves converting residences into workplaces where they may get supplies at lower prices than anywhere else and generate income from the products, partly because there are multiple sellers. No one seller is managing everything themselves.

They try to help their affiliates become autonomous by selling their products rather than just investing their clients’ money. You gain access to the company’s precious metals market after you register. According to the company’s owners, they are offered for sale at a price paid for them at the time of purchase.

What They Do

This business employs a group of talented metalworkers and jewelers who design stunning masterpieces of jewelry from scratch. After then, the purchaser receives these items and can enjoy them in their house for many years.

Visit their website by adding products from your basket if you’re a customer and wish to buy coins. Although there is one more step to the checkout process, you must input the name of the person who recommended you.

Products from 7K Metals
The company provides a comprehensive range of products, such as:

Gold and silver coins
These are examples of their best-selling products. They offer a vast selection of coins, including the following:

• The Canadian Maple

• African Krugerrands

• American Eagles

They also sell a range of jewelry, such as Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings.

Precious Metals

The company offers several precious metal product categories.
The Selected collection is one of the top components. The 7k team carefully assembled this group of goods because they anticipated their worth would rise over time. The idea is to put money into things that will yield a good return in the future.

Provision and Storage
All of the items they sell are kept in a safe location. Your things will be delivered to you through FedEx when you place an order with them. Additionally, they provide a service that will keep your priceless metals on your behalf. If you cannot store them yourself, this is a fantastic alternative.

Requirements for 7K Metals Members
 Eighteen years of age or older and a recognized form of identification.

 You have the right to consent with 7k if you are an approved member of the United States. Additionally, you must be legally able to supply services in the US, which can be amended at any moment online or by getting in touch with our customer care division.

 To join, you must pay a charge. For those who are seriously considering working in the precious metals sector, premium memberships offer access to additional discounts.

However, precious metals dealers without any membership fees also offer comparable savings. Therefore, this isn’t the most strongly suggested choice for those looking to launch a small business.

Membership Packages
Two membership tiers are available from the business:

Basic Package
The following is included in the $99 Basic Package:

 A single ounce of silver

 A year’s worth of storage

 Access to Strictly Limited Edition Collectibles

 Uncirculated 1 oz. of silver in 1 initial gem

 Access to the members’ area of the website for one month

Premium Package
The following is included in the $299 Premium Package:

 4 Books on Wealth Management

 Warehousing for three years

 Admission to the members’ area of the website for six months

 Ten business cards

 Silver weighing 5 ounces

Resources for Investors
A Beginner’s Tutorial in Precious Metals Investing is one of the resources the company provides for investors. Through this tutorial, you will learn the fundamentals of precious Metal investing, what they are and the benefits of doing so.

You will also learn about the advantages of trading precious metals from this article. Topics like precious metals as investment vehicles will be covered.

7K Metal Reputation
Some businesses will provide you with products without charging you if you wish to buy precious metals to diversify your portfolio. To provide people with goods they can resell is 7k Metals’ objective. Overall, people wanting to engage in precious metals have an excellent choice in the company.

Cosmetics, anti-aging medications, healthy diets, and “wellness” products are simple to sell. There is always a method to set your brand apart from the competition. However, the quality of precious metals stays constant, and the markets around the world determine how much they are worth.

This makes getting the exact item you need from authorized vendors is simple. Additionally, it becomes challenging to sell precious metals at any price above market value, mainly if you run a small business. Many people are unable to establish a reputation in the sector, which is something you must achieve initially.

They are not, however, BBB-accredited. If you’re looking for a BBB-accredited business, you might want to consider other options.

The fact that the owners are reachable and well-known is another excellent sign that it’s not a hoax. Understanding who you are working with might be challenging when considering purchasing or selling an investment.

Due to this, we always advise prospective buyers to contact us through our website and establish timeframes before moving forward. In doing so, you can avoid surprises regarding last-minute negotiations frequently occurring when parties conduct business without prior communication. Although shady individuals often operate scams, not all sales are dishonest.

It might be seen as fraudulent if someone is trying to sell you fake precious metals or other nonexistent goods. However, I can see that they appear to be a relatively simple company.

7k Metals- Ponzi scheme or not
A pyramid scheme is not what the business is—the multi-level marketing business 7k Metals experiences all of the same issues as the majority of these businesses. While doing so, it operates in a market that is challenging to penetrate.

It will be intriguing to watch what motivates people next because I firmly believe that businesspeople possess the strength and ingenuity required for today’s innovation economy.

Despite the fact that we regard 7k Metals to be a respectable business, we think there are other organizations that would be a better choice for your investment. The #1 precious metals investment firm listed above is where you can acquire a free gold investment kit.

The distinction between this experience and others is that participants are provided factual information so that any pain areas can be addressed before progressing.
Admittedly, they make it seem so easy. Simply sign up 5 of your acquaintances for this magic widget, and things will take off from there. And you ask yourself, “How difficult can it be? I have an extensive network, so five will be simple.

However, after you do it, you realize that people treat you like you’ve joined a cult. You’ve turned into “that person,” who joined an MLM and is now attempting to market dubious goods or services to everybody they come into contact with.

Given that most successful Ponzi schemes demand paid-in capital before any gains are distributed, if the latter scenario is actual and there is no illegality, then we would classify them as participants in an illegal pyramid scheme.
Members enjoy several fantastic benefits, including access to exclusive deals from nearby merchants and other enjoyable prizes. However, plan to simply make purchases without any promotion. It might be wiser to look at other businesses first.

One company can outlive other companies in their field, like 7K Metals has done for long, so it’s not unheard of. There aren’t many objections regarding this company, plus they’re compatible with the law because the memberships are regarded as a different commodity from what you obtain at 7k Metals. In light of this, they don’t seem to be a pyramid scam.

The Remuneration Model of 7K Metals
There are alternative methods to generate money in addition to receiving a commission on the goods and services you sell under the remuneration structure. You can support new members, and you’ll receive a portion of both their monthly dues and a portion of their purchases of goods.

Based on your position within the organization, you can also receive overrides from those who are positioned behind you in the pyramid. These overrides can be worth anywhere between 2% and 5%. Additionally, there are bonuses that you can earn for achieving specific objectives, like selling a particular volume of merchandise or supporting an exact number of incoming members.

A 7K member with a Bronze ranking can make $2,000 every week. A Silver-ranked member has a weekly income cap of $4000. A “binary” compensation model is how 7k Metals is set up. You are paid when you sign up new members, which is how it works.
To put it simply, picture this compensation structure as an upside-down “V” with you at the top. You will either have members on your right or left depending on how you join up.

Membership Fee
To join, you must pay a charge. A basic membership is approximately $250 per year, whereas a premium membership is approximately $450. For those who are seriously considering working in the precious metals sector, premium memberships offer access to additional discounts.

However, precious metals dealers without any membership fees also offer comparable savings. Therefore, this isn’t the choice that is most strongly suggested for those looking to launch a small business.

7k Metals: The Good and the Bad

 The potential for high income

 A reputable business that has been around for a while

 A distinctive pay plan that gives you a variety of revenue streams

 Get rebates on product orders with the help of the AutoSave program

 If you have a team operating under your guidance, you can earn a lot of money

 Stable cost

• You must be a member in order to make any purchases

• Marketing on a Multi-Level (MLM)

• They put a lot of effort into enlisting new members

• Membership is incredibly expensive to keep up

Final Verdict
Overall, I would conclude that this business opportunity has more advantages than disadvantages. There is a good possibility that you will succeed if you are prepared to put in the effort. Just keep in mind that there is always some danger associated in business.

The only method to actually generate money with the firm is through member recruitment. You must pay a significant initiation charge and an annual fee to maintain your subscription. As a result, there is a lot of pressure to generate enough sales and hiring to justify the cost.

Even if there are certain risks, if you’re ready to work hard, there are lots of potential rewards. Just keep in mind to conduct thorough study before to beginning, and everything should go well.

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