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Gloria Lamson
Sandbar to hill / flour marks, CA, 1998

Gloria Lamson   Fire on Water, gunpowder fire on paper from “Evidence of Momentary Fire”, works on paper with fire as the marking agent, CA, 1998
Gloria Lamson   Surface / depth / floating survey tape / 5 count, HI, 2000
Gloria Lamson   Wind / walking / beach / flour circle, CA, 1998
Gloria Lamson   Ground To Sky / Survey Tape / Puddle, WA, 2001
Gloria Lamson   Wind / beach / flour spiral, CA, 1998
Gloria Lamson   Thrown and Dropped Icicles in Snow, WY, 1999
Gloria Lamson   Survey Tape Crossing Tide Pool, WA, 2000
Gloria Lamson   Floating stones on broken ice, WY, 2000
Gloria Lamson   Dried bull kelp circle / facing sun, WA, 2001
Gloria Lamson   Dried bull kelp circle / facing away, WA, 2001
Gloria Lamson   Dried bull kelp circle detail, WA, 2001
Gloria Lamson

Interactions In Time And Place

This series of works explore the artist’s connection to the land and the gentle passing of time. Wind, currents and the shadow forms left in the sand by the setting sun are revealed through subtle interventions captured in these photographs.

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