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Shai Zakai, \
Shai Zakai, "Concrete Creek: Update", detail, 2003

Shai Zakai, \   Shai Zakai, "Concrete Creek: Update", 2003
Shai Zakai   Concrete Flags - Partitions to avoid the dumping, 1999
Shai Zakai   Physical and Spiritual Reclamation, 1999
Shai Zakai   Concrete Traps, 1999
Shai Zakai   Cleaning 100 tons of cement, 1999
Shai Zakai   Reclamation Process, 1999
Shai Zakai   Cement Cutlet, 1998
Shai Zakai   General View, 1999
Shai Zakai   Gallery Installation - Have You Cleaned A Creek Today? 1999
Shai Zakai   Collaboration with quarry workers, building the road to the concrete flags, 1999
Shai Zakai

Concrete Creek

A stream is contaminated with concrete due to its proximity to a quarry and concrete factory. The artist-scientists collaboration introduces a new perception, whereby the stream will be ecologically, artistically, socially, botanically, environmentally and hydrologically reclaimed. The contaminators thus become artists, helping clean-out the stream. Via a slow process, environmental awareness is gained. The biotic and a-biotic environments are treated while contemplating issues concerning the nature of reclamation and the possibility of leaving "experiential traces" of this eyesore as reminder for future generations. Combined reclamation allows investment in the stream's surroundings and in human resources.

The artworks are intended to solve an ecological problem too. No one discipline takes its course for granted as predominant, thus allowing a multi-layered practice of total reclamation, expanding the cycle of environmental responsibility for water sources in general, and those in Israel in particular.

Project Update

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