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Ko, Seung-hyun,
Ko, Seung-hyun, "Door Way", Performance at Geumgang, Korea, 1985.

Ko, Seung-hyun, 1987, Buso San.   Ko, Seung-hyun, 1987, Summer, Buyo, Buso San.
Ko, Seung-hyun, 1996, Gongju, Wongol, Korea.   Ko, Seung-hyun, 1996, Summer, Gongju, Wongol, Korea.
Ko, Seung-hyun,   Ko, Seung-hyun, "Me and the Cow", 1983, Spring Performance, Gongju, San seong-Park.
Ko, Seung-hyun

Nature Art

"Without nature I cannot develop artwork. My artwork is very simple, it touches simply emotions and causes reactions sometimes, it produces the contact to nature. I examine the nature, which is not interesting to everybody. For example I make a work with a spider. I held my hand behind a spider, took a photo and through this intervention I directed the view to the spider. I guide people to see nature with different eyes."

"Normally contemporary art (e.g. conceptual art) is logical, nature art is not logical. Nature art is influenced by nature's elements. When you go through a river, you follow the stream, the wind comes, the color is changing, you follow the natural cycle and it becomes a natural movement... Nature art is easy to understand, also children can understand it easily, although maybe only emotionally."

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