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Barbara Roux, \
Barbara Roux, "At War with Plants", combined media, 1990

Barbara Roux, \   Barbara Roux, "Work of Leaves", aloes, wood, netting, pen, 1990
Barbara Roux

At War with Plants

This project coincided with my research and trips to South America and the West Indies. I wanted to create a project that dealt with the struggle of the jungle to retake the abandoned plantations of the 18th century.

Columns, window frames and floor containers held vines, aloes, and mosses. Grow lights provided lighting and a tape I made of bird and rainfall sounds provided added atmosphere. Photographs of stages of land transition hung along the walls. A gray fabric to imitate mosquito netting draped the sculptural elements. Words printed on the wall warned of the fecundity of nature and the danger of controlling it.

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