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Frequently Asked Questions about Environmental Art and

Where is
We are based in Corte Madera, California, just north of San Francisco, but we are an online museum. In a sense, if you can read this, you're in the green museum. We do not have a physical space filled with a bulky art collection. Instead, as an online museum, our strategy for sharing environmental art reflects our values. We are 100% volunteer run and work from home or meet in person when possible. We live all over the world, have a very small ecological footprint, minimal overhead and display a wide range of art works from around the globe and information on how you can visit exhibitions and events first-hand. We are like a traditional museum turned inside out. Instead of visiting one big box filled with art we are many tiny boxes (monitors) encouraging visitors to go out to experience art in the context of their own communities and ecosystems.
Our mailing address:, P.O. Box 7054., Corte Madera, CA, 94925, USA.
Contact Information: Phone (415) 945-9322, Email info at

So, where's the art?
Information about the artworks in can be found in the Artist Section. The artworks themselves are all over the world. Many of them were temporary artworks and no longer exist. Some environmental art can be visited. For the latest listings involving the work of many more artists, please visit our Calendar for opportunities, events and exhibitions near you.

How do you decide which artists to include on the website?
At the moment we are adding new content intermittently and slowly as we work to resolve the internal logjam of content we have to process. Thank you for your patience! We try to include work that fits our understanding of the term "environmental art" described in What is Environmental Art?. We also hope to show a breadth of approaches and give some sense of the geographic range of this work. We are continually adding new information to the Artist Section and to the Calendar. There are many hundreds of wonderful artists, however, who we'd love to include but haven't had the time or resources to do so. That's why we are working on new resources so artists (and everyone) can add their own information. We believe in partnerships with other museums and organizations and invite curators to work with us to develop online exhibitions exploring specific themes.

There are important events that aren't included in the Calendar. Why aren't they?
We are developing new systems to process information and are consequently adding new content much more slowly than before. We depend on our visitors for the latest news and event information. If you know about an event or opportunity that relates to environmental art, please let us know. relies on you to stay current. Thanks for your help!

What a great site! How can I help?
If you value what we do, please consider becoming a Member of If you have a website, please link to us. Tell your friends and colleagues about, become a Member, send us news, use the Community section to connect with others around the world and join our cause on Facebook. If you represent an organization and would like to explore partnership opportunities, or if you have web design, writing, outreach, or data entry or organizing skills, please email us: info at With your help, is more than a museum, it's a tool.

May we use an image or text from for our publication?
All the content on, the writings and images, belong to and are copyrighted by the artist or author who made them unless noted otherwise. If you are a nonprofit or using the content for educational purposes on a small scale and not offering it for sale, Fair Use restrictions may apply. Please contact us info at for ALL requests that involve the Press or Commercial media and we would be happy to forward them on to the artist / authors to request their permission. If you use for your work please be consider becoming a Member so we can continue to offer this information to others. Any content reproduced from must fully credit the artist / author by including appropriate caption information and acknowledge the source: "Appears courtesy of".

Are you formally associated with a major museum or university? was begun independently by a group of environmental artists, a Tech professional and a community of people who saw a need for an arts organization that could support environmental artists. As part of the cultural ecosystem, we see ourselves as part of a network of museums, parks, cities and educational institutions that also care about these issues. We welcome Alliances and Partnerships with other organizations and are always looking for mutually beneficial ways to support this movement and other nonprofits. We can help you with strategic consulting, curatorial projects, outreach, sponsorship opportunities, as well as amplifying existing efforts of museums, universities and organizations around the world. Please contact us if you would like to explore how can help you with your current environmental art program or exhibition.

Do you consult with urban planners, architects and developers?
Yes. Over the years, we have been asked to help curate public spaces, plan public art policy, develop RFQs and RFPs for businesses, as well as help Foundations with their funding priorities. serves as the touchstone for all of these efforts to help create more opportunities for environmental artists. Contact us if you have a project and think we might be able to help. Need a speaker at your next conference or event? Let us know. References available upon request.

Why are you doing this?
Environmental art is a global movement that involves artists, community groups, scientists, arts professionals, students and educators, park and resource managers, government organizations, philanthropists and concerned citizens and countless other groups and individuals. We're doing what we can to interconnect people, information and ideas to help inspire the creation of more art that heals our communities and ecosystems. For the idea of sustainablility to work, it needs to engage our culture effectively. Through collaborations with artists of all types, we can make existing remediation projects and environmental education more fun, beautiful, culturally and historically resonant and better integrated into our cities, parks and communities. It's an old idea, really, whose time is long overdue. Please join us and help the Earth create a future we'd all like to live in.

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