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Environmental Art Exhibitions

conmob "Conducting Mobility"
Ryan Griffis and Claude Willey collide with a carload of cultural projects focusing on the problems of mobility and energy.
A critical look at the issue of air quality through the arts, including many projects that blur the line between art and activism, curated by Andrea Polli
enterchange "Art & Ecology: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Curriculum"
This elearning space was originally published in 1997 on ArtsEdNet with support from the Getty Education Institute for the Arts and the J. Paul Getty Trust. Part of our TOOLBOX for Educators
enterchange "enterchange"
An online exhibition exploring the relationship between performance and the environment, curated by Wallace Heim.
Moisture "Moisture"
An experimental research project undertaken by a Los Angeles-based artist collective to monitor and develop location-sensitive structures for the collection, retention, and use/re-use of water in the Mojave Desert.
California Current "California Current"
A multi-venue project with exhibitions, talks, films and performance intended to stimulate discussion, encourage support for restoration and sustainable practices, and to protect the health of the ocean.
Voice of the Planet "The Voice of the Planet is the Muse" Environmental soundscape art
Curated by Jim Cummings, Founder and .
The Monongahela Conference "The Monongahela Conference"
A publication offering the perspectives of artists and theorists on post industrial community development. Produced by the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University.
New Media "New Media Meets the Environment"
Curated by Jonah Brucker-Cohen of Media Lab Europe.
ecovention "ecovention: current art to transform ecologies"
The online catalogue to the Contemporary Arts Center's major exhibition in Cincinnati, OH.
Achemical Garden "Alchemical Garden"
Curated by Amy Lipton of ecoartspace.
Pooling Resources "Pooling Resources"
Environmental Art at the Dawn of the 21st Century.

Solstice "Global Solstice: Photos!"
A global look at the solstice.

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