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Ruth Wallen
Intimate Details / Cheena, Creek bed drying after rain, 11"x 14" bw photo, 1985

Ruth Wallen   Intimate Details / Cheena, Wet&Dry, 11"x 14" bw photo, 1985
Ruth Wallen

Intimate Details/Cheena

Chaco Canyon

Every type of energy development, from coal, uranium to oil shale was being proposed in the vicinity of Chaco Canyon, the major center for Anazazi civilization. To represent the environmental dynamics of the area, I illustrated the interaction between the principle environmental form--sculpted earth, including the ruin walls, cliff faces and arroyo beds and the physical environmental forces of sunlight, wind and rain. I marked out small areas where I could photograph these interactions and returned daily for three weeks in late fall and summer. This work was commissioned by the National Park Service and series of evening naturalist talks, as a performance at New Langton Arts and made available to the public as a slide/sound installation.

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