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"Flight", August 10, 2002, 49' X 41', 10' high, phragmites reeds, in the moors tidal basin of Provincetown, MA at the end of Cape Cod.

\   "Ginko", August 8, 2003, 58' X 45', 12' high, phragmites reeds, made for the tidal basin of the moors of Provincetown, Cape Cod.
\   "Stone Tsunami", August 14, 2002, 3 1/2 X 5m, dried river stones from and in the Toyohira River, Sapporo, Japan.
\   "Sapporo Star", July 26, 2002, 5 X 5m, Japanese knotweed, on the Toyohira River in the center of Sapporo, Japan.
\   "Bluebird", September 25, 1999, 72' X 38' wide, 12' high, willow saplings, on the Wisconsin River, near Blue River, Wisconsin.
\   "Tongued Mandala", June 22, 1996, 28' in diameter 18" high, found bamboo, made for the shallow river beach pond during rainy season, Tateyama, Chiba, Japan.
\   "Pointed Swan", July 8, 1994, 58' X 34', 12' high, phragmites reeds, in the moors tidal basin of Provincetown, MA.
\   "Spiral Infinity", July 5, 1993, 51' X 46', 12' high, phragmites reeds, in the moors tidal basin of Provincetown, MA.
Roy Staab

Works on Water

I first thought to make my art in water for it to be isolated and alone, clear to read. In my initial work I saw the magic that water and nature can give to my art. When the water is calm, the reflection becomes part of the art a surreal illusion.

Sunlight at sunrise/sunset projects colors in tones of yellow, orange or red on the art. But at times near midday, environmental art can be invisible and blend into the surroundings. I gather materials such as reeds, bamboo, willow, stones and knotweed from around each work area.

This art is ephemeral, made for a time between the storms and a particular place. The materials are interlaced and tied with jute or some degradable material because they are left at their natural site.

I carry a theme and generally work in a series using particular forms that may be related to the site location and traditional culture. SAPPORO STAR is made of Japanese knotweed, which was readily available. The 'star' is the symbol of Sapporo, Japan, from the 1880s and is still on public buildings and the beer. SPIRAL INFINITY, is at the end of Provincetown, was inspired by the shape of Cape Cod that spirals out into the ocean.

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