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"Hoppers Star", September 11, 2002, 37' X 34 1/2', seaweed gathered from the beach, below Edward Hopper's house on the beach of Truro, Massachusetts

\   "Scottsdale Snow", April 8, 2000, 23' X 23', 18" high, snow, my back yard in West Allis, Wisconsin.
\   "Aftertide Meridian", August 14, 1998, 20 1/2' X 33 1/3', stones from on top of the beach, Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada.
\   "Strong Willow", April 29, 1998, 23' in diameter, 14' high, willow saplings, made for being a cap on top of a small hill on the grounds of Klein Art Works in Chicago.
\   "Golden Ring Dance", May 10, 1997, 55' X 77', 10' high, phragmites reeds, on the front grounds of the Evanston Art Center, Illinois.
\   "Fan to the East", May 15, 1996, 39' X 26', ocean water, wet line on dry sand and stone, Fukumisu, Shimane, Japan
\   "Drakesmound", June 17, 1991, 42' X 42', line in wet sand at low tide, Drakes Beach, Point Reyes, California.
Roy Staab

Works on Earth

These are works made on the surface of the earth or in the air and relate to the surface of the ground. Most all of my works are formal where the point to see them is important for the perspective illusion. They are designed for the specific place and I try to use the land to its maximum and my physical capacity.

GOLDEN RING DANCE, I see a golden glow mist of a Mid-Summer Nights Dream and the Matisse 'shadow dance' as I use the open expanse in front of the Evanston Art Center. But this work breaks the rule of the 'plane'. Each oval unit is set on an angle for under and over, over-lap. I was concerned about seeing the work from the car driving by and giving the work a sense of kinetic movement. When the sun is high the linear shadow of the rings attaches it to the ground.

DRAKES MOUND is a totally flat drawing in the sand at low tide at Point Reyes California. It is composed of a series of overlapping ovals made from the same size loop of cord and the foci points are changed in increments. It is made in beach cove to be seen (photographed) from the cliff above.

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