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Crysanne Stathacos, Wishing Tree, India, Crossed fingers, Canada, Wishing Tree, Tokyo, Fire Ceremony
Crysanne Stathacos, Wishing Tree, India; Crossed fingers, Canada; Wishing Tree, Tokyo; Fire Ceremony, Kyoto, 2003.

Chrysanne Stathacos, The Wish Machine, 1999   Chrysanne Stathacos, "The Wish Machine", 1999-2002
Chrysanne Stathacos, \   Chrysanne Stathacos, "Refuge/A Wish Garden", Dresden, Germany, 2002.
Chrysanne Stathacos, \   Chrysanne Stathacos, "Green Machine", with composer Ben Neill at Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, 1995
Chrysanne Stathacos

Wish Machine

"The Wish Machine"
A refabricated vending machine, dispenses wishes to the public. Each wish/artwork includes a printed photo collage depicting a plant that evoked the essence of the wish along with a small vial of the plants' essential oil to extend the wishing ritual into a multisensory experience. The wishes are, basil = money, clove=lust, hyacinth=peace, lilac=hope, lily=sleep, love=rose mint=communication, rosemary=environment, lavender=happiness, and eucalyptus=health. The essential oils are the vehicle for the participant to meditate on their wish.

"Hug a tree, circle around, three times, sit on a bench,
which direction, north south east west
or fire water air earth or red blue green yellow or silver gold brown,
look up, sky sun moon stars, shining,
close eyes pressing palms together,
kneel down poke finger, trace a message,
hope in sand,
hold a rock, pile 100,000 in a mound,
put one in your pocket,
blow a dandelion, seeds flying, breath, smell a flower, pull it apart, petal by petal, throw it in the river,
love floating downstream,
pour water over your head, health,
wrap a string around your finger, remember,
light a candle, burn incense, watch the fire,
sing dance jump climb, tie prayer flags between two trees,
wind blowing mountain whispers echo past present future lives,
cross fingers, infinite wishes rising up to the heavens,
floating in the seas, endless hopes, endless prayers,
circling the universe, run run run, chasing desires,
in the end, make only one wish,

"Refuge, A wish garden"
A 40-foot circle of sand with eight benches is placed around a large tree in a circular fashion mirroring a feng shui pa kua. Each bench corresponds to a color, an element, and an aspect of life. In between the benches are baskets filled with cloth, rocks, sticks, and flowers for the public to create actions within the circle.

"Green Machine"
In collaboration with composer Ben Neill, the artist created an interactive sound and light projection, performance and installation with live and projected plants. "Green Machine is the musical equivalent of an organism, in which the listener can experience the birth, mutation and decay of a sonic jungle."

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