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Ichi Ikeda, Da-hu Park, Taipei, Taiwan
Ichi Ikeda, "Water Senders Community" built with wish of "Creating Our Future Water Source" on the lake in Da-hu Park, Taipei Public Art Festival 2002

Ichi Ikeda, \   "Water Sender's House" with image of hands holding water in the front yard. Da-hu Park, Taipei
Ichi Ikeda, \   "Water Sender's Community" watering aquatic plants in the Water Senders' house, Da-hu Park, Taipei
Ichi Ikeda

Water Senders Community, Da-hu Park, Taipei, Taiwan

The cycle of our "water resources" has become a critical issue for human beings now that the concept of recycling our natural resources has come into play. "Water Senders Community" was created to reflect human concerns for the hydrological environment and our communities.

First, the artist published information about the "Water Senders Community" through newspapers and tried to awaken local resident's awareness of our hydrological environment. A house built along the lake represents a small village, and the water flowing from the funnel comes from natural rain or lake water used by the residents for irrigation.

The water directed from the funnel symbolizes our current water source, and the water coming from the small house symbolizes our future water source that has been reprocessed and further used by families. A subtle relationship between the water and humans is implied. Two white plastic hands holding the water in the front yard of the house indicates the desire to preserve our future water source. Various water plants growing in the same community ask the question of whether they, too, will survive.

Towers on the two sides function as a monitoring system for the hydrological environment, and the wind blowing on the surface of the lake and shaking the raft symbolizes the natural power that is impacting our life quietly and continuously in our community. "Water Senders Community" serves as a seed to encourage us to foster our future water sources and remind us of the shared wish to "Create Our Future Water Source."

(from the pamphlet of the Taipei Public Art Festival 2002)

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