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Ichi Ikeda, Arcing Ark, 1997
Ichi Ikeda, Arcing Ark, 1997

Ichi Ikeda, \   "Water Memorizing", reminiscent of the history on the land, Kaseda, Japan 1997
\   "Water Purifying" set up in an old stone warehouse, Kaseda, Japan, 1997
\   "Water Rejuvenating" loading "7 Loads of Water for 7 Oceans", Kaseda, 1997
\   "Water Circulating" collecting waters from old ports, Taipei, 1997
\   "Water Ascending" pulling "7 Loads of Water" to Tamsui River, Taipei, 1997
Ichi Ikeda

Arcing Ark, Kaseda, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan

Even if the stream running before your eyes is clean, it will be polluted as dirty water flows in from another site. To produce "Future Water" from "Your Water", the network of all people living with water is important. I strongly hope that the network of all people living with water will produce "Future Water" which we can all be proud to use. People can realize the importance of creating a new flow between different cultural backgrounds through 'water'.

By connecting two cities interactively, "Arcing Ark 1997", was developed between two cities facing the East China Sea: Taipei, and Kaseda, south of Japan. Between these two cities there are many islands called the Ryukyu Arc. "Arcing Ark" is named with great hope; the islands, stretching in an arc-shaped row geographically, will create the time-network for the future earth. Imagine the Ark of Water heading for the future earth lying between Kaseda and Taipei.

Depending on which way along the Arcing Ark you proceed, five kinds of Bows for the Arcing Ark were produced to address site-specific environmental conditions and were exhibited simultaneously at the two cities. In Kaseda, Water Memorizing, Water Purifying and Water Rejuvenating. In Taipei, Water Circulating and Water Ascending. To call attention to the water circulating on our planet, some bows carried "7 Loads of Water for 7 oceans": Arctic, North Pacific, North Atlantic, Indian, South Pacific, South Atlantic and Antarctic Ocean.

Water Memorizing -- Viewing the Bow of the Ark called 'Water Memorizing', installed by the river mouth, one can vividly contemplate memories of the past. The stone tying 'Water Memorizing' to the land is a genuine one, used when the place thrived as the harbor.

Water Purifying -- A closer relation between water and land occurred as water was transferred to the 'Water Purifying' installation set up in an old stone warehouse. 'Water Purifying', with several tanks for real purification, inspires you to realize clearly the preciousness of water in your immediate circle.

Water Rejuvenating -- Starting from 'Water Memorizing' and passing through the actual process of purification in 'Water Purifying', the water was then loaded into 'Water Rejuvenating' which was constructed by re-floating a broken wooden boat. 'Water for the Future' was distributed among '7 Loads of Water for 7 Oceans' on the rejuvenated wooden boat.

Water Circulating -- Ichi Ikeda began by investigating seven old ports along the Tamsui River flowing through the Taipei city into East China Sea. After mixing water collected from seven old ports, he used newly mixed water to create '7 Loads of Water for 7 Oceans' in a boat-shaped installation.

Water Ascending -- With a length of about 100 meters, "Water Ascending" was installed between the grassland and the Tamsui River. Seven big loads of water (in 1.2 meter cubes) studded the grassland and were then pulled by rope towards the Tamsui River in a performance as if water in the seven loads was ascending from the ground level.

At the end of each of the exhibitions in Kaseda and Taipei, people took part in the final action by actually carrying "7 Loads of Water" through the river to the sea. They were crews of the Arcing Ark at that time. In keeping with the aims of the Arcing Ark project, people volunteered and took part in the water movement and performance.

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