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Deborah Kennedy, "EarthWise", 1999
Deborah Kennedy, "EarthWise",Tree of Life, 1999

Deborah Kennedy, "EarthWise", 1999   Deborah Kennedy, "EarthWise", detail of the "boulderheads", 1999
Deborah Kennedy


Wood, metal, epoxy clay, paint, sand, stuffed bird, lighting, soundtrack

de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara, CA

"This installation presented a surreal landscape focusing on the relationship between people and the environment. Large sculpted heads were scattered like boulders beneath copper trees. These "boulderheads" suggested the possibility of merging the human intelligence with the wisdom of nature.

The center of the installation featured a small tree, somewhat battered yet still seeming to express a sprightly vigor. The real stone that inspired the "boulderheads" lies just to the right of the tree.

The heads include faces suggesting my own family and a variety of ethnic groups - we are all in this together."

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