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Deborah Kennedy, \
Deborah Kennedy, "EcoTech", 1997

Deborah Kennedy, "EcoTech", 1997   Deborah Kennedy, "EcoTech", detail of the "cosmic egg", 1997
Deborah Kennedy, "EcoTech", 1997   Deborah Kennedy, "EcoTech", detail of the large stone, 1997
Deborah Kennedy, "EcoTech", 1997   Deborah Kennedy, "EcoTech", detail of the "bronze stone", 1997
Deborah Kennedy


Metamorphosed diabase stone, stainless steel, rose quartz, bronze

Champion Light Rail Station, San Jose, CA

EcoTech is a public art commission installed in the entry way of the Champion light rail station in San Jose. This piece consists of a large boulder cut into four one-foot thick slabs. The densely patterned slabs are positioned on either side of the entry walkways. Text, symbolic images, and stone inlays related to the theme of sustainable technology, solar energy and systems theory enrich the polished surfaces of the boulder sections. A large bronze casting of the top section of one of the boulder slabs is mounted on the bottom half of the same slab. This technically demanding melding of metallurgy and rock evokes the overall theme of the piece: creating a bio-compatible technology.

This image of the site, shows how the sculpture illustrates a principle of holistic thinking-seeing the relationship between the parts and the whole, in this case the parts of the boulder and the whole it once was.

Part of the boulder has a bronze casting of the upper section attached to the lower part of the stone. The technology of metallurgy is imitating the natural boulder, suggesting a metaphor for creating a technological system that imitates the sustainable operation of natural systems. The stone has an unusually high degree of pattern, almost suggesting images of deep space, enriched with sand blasted images of solar symbols from many cultures.

The "cosmic egg" symbol, cut in stainless steel and inlaid in the boulder, contains all the letters and numbers used in the Western alphanumeric system. The cosmic egg is said to contain all human wisdom, which we shall surely need to solve our environmental problems.

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