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Mary Ellen Long, \
Mary Ellen Long, "Detritus V: Telluride", Nepal and Japanese paper with twigs and meadow grass, 18" X 24" X 7", 1998

Mary Ellen Long,   "Winter Pressing", artist's book; buried paper, lichen, stone, 16" x 16 3/4" x 2 3/4", 1994-95
Mary Ellen Long, \   "Detritus: La Jolla", washi paper, indigenous plants, 24" x 36" x 10", San Diego, CA, 2001
Mary Ellen Long, \   "Detritus VI in process", Aspen paper, 18" x 24", 1998
Mary Ellen Long, \   "Writing the Pages", sand, paper, stones and indigenous plants, The Land: An Art Site, Mountainaire, NM, 20" x 26" x 10", 1999
Mary Ellen Long,   "Paper Buried under Winter Snow", buried paper, canvas, acrylic with ink stamped text, 11 1/2" x 9 3/4" x 1 1/2", 1989
Mary Ellen Long

Book Art

Mary Ellen Long's direct relationship with the land is celebrated in her book art. She performs her own personal rituals in her forest habitat in Colorado, such as burying paper or whole books under winter snows, creating art forms that empathize with the cycles of the earth; or telling stories of event and history, which grows from her need to connect with a primal consciousness--a consciousness that respects and coexists with the natural environment.

Her book art has become a way to personalize the enormous impersonality of the land's dynamic, freezing in time the flow of natural transitions and patterns around her--a way to translate the spirit of one small portion of the earth's landscape.

From Book Arts web page about Mary Ellen Long

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