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Mary Ellen Long, \
Mary Ellen Long, "Concentric Circles", pine needles, washi paper, Clearview, CO, 1993

\   "Ravine ReVisions," Messages of Awareness and Consciousness, washi paper casts, Plano, TX.
\   "Stone Meditation Path and Gathering Site," Cazenovia, NY; paper covered stones leading to earth bowls with gathered indigenous elements.
Mary Ellen Long, Clearview, CO, 2001   "Stone, Dream, Deep", Clearview, CO, 2001
Mary Ellen Long, \   "Scroll Room", stamped copper, Clearview, CO,1999
Mary Ellen Long, \   "Pussy Toe Circle", planted work, 6 feet diameter, 1991
Mary Ellen Long, \   "Aspen", washi paper cast", 1995
Mary Ellen Long

Forest Rooms

Durango, Colorado

As an artist-sculptor, part of my working studio has been the woods that surround my house. For years I have walked trails that were originally pressed into the thick covering of oak and snowberry by deer and elk. Maintaining these pathways has been an on-going dedication and along the way, sculptural installations have emerged using the forest detritus that was present.

As time has passed I began to see areas that lent themselves to meditative spaces and began to clear and define, creating quiet and order in the wildness. I have discovered that gardening is problematic at an altitude of 8400 feet and working in the wild, transplanting and tending the indigenous plants has substituted for the pleasure of growing and harvesting inherent in guarding.

The wild has taught me many things about growths and transition as I work and meditate in these places. My forest rooms are continually evolving, my conversations with nature never-ending.

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