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Lilian Cooper,"Leaf", one of a series of 7 leaves, 2000
Lilian Cooper,"Leaf", one of a series of 7 leaves, 2000

Lilian Cooper \   Lilian Cooper "Brettenzone dog", 2000
Lilian Cooper, \   Lilian Cooper, "Boiling stone", Sussex, England, 1999
Lilian Cooper, \   Lilian Cooper, "Chausey Shell", text on shell, the Iles Chausey are a nature reserve off the Normandy Coast, 1997
Lilian Cooper

Other work

The Brettenzone is a former refuse site outside Amsterdam, it was neglected and reclaimed by nature. It has now grown into an important wildlife habitat and nature reserve. It is now threatened by urban development. This small dog is made from the clay earth found there.

"Boiling stone", comes from a residency I had in Sussex, with a local archaeology group. (Boiling stones were heated in the fire and then dropped into a pit of water to heat it. Before iron pots were created this was a common way for heating water). The site was littered with them and they are discarded by the archaeologists. I'm fascinated by the idea of cooked stone. The stone takes on a different colour and develops cracks & fissures. With "Boiling stone" I am recycling ancient rubbish.

"Leaf" is part of a series of seven leaves with text on them: "After a day in the country Amsterdam air is very smelly." While "Shell" is part of a similar series about the Normandy coast: "A grey autumnal day with dreams of a Chausey Summer."

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