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Nils-Udo "Box Stem Picture I"
Nils-Udo "Box Stem Picture I", Framework made out of partly peeled hazel branches, Germany

Nils-Udo "Root Sculpture", 1995   Nils-Udo "Root Sculpture", 1995 Parque Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico


This series of works explore the artist's connection to the earth and wood. In Mexico the artist gently uncovered a tree root system to highlight and reveal. In "Framework" the artist used hazel branches to frame a collection of branches.

Root Sculpture
"It was toward the end of a dry period. For months there had been very little rain. The earth was hard like concrete. We proceeded very carefully so we would not hurt the tender roots We drained, scratched, scraped and dug for one week. After the photographs the pit was naturally again filled up."

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