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Nils-Udo "The Frog", 1994
Nils-Udo "The Frog", Child, raft made of spruce trunks, old leaves, duckweed and fern leaves, Forêt de Marchiennes, France, 1994

Nils-Udo "Waterhouse", 1982   Nils-Udo "Waterhouse", Spruce trunks, birch branches, willow switches and lawn plantings, Wattenmeer, Cuxhaven, Germany, 1982
Nils-Udo "Little Lake", 2000   Nils-Udo "Little Lake", Ground water, connect hazel tree, bluebells, dead sheets, Vallery, France, 2000
Nils-Udo   Nils-Udo "Untitled", Brookbed, Bindweed Blossoms, Ile de la Réunion, Indian Ocean, 1990

Water and Art

"To design with flowers.
To paint with the clouds.
To write with water.
To record the wind of may or
the path of a falling leaf.
To work on a storm. To anticipate a glacier.
To arrange water and light....
To take in a forest or a prairie....

To open up the living,
three dimensional spaces of Nature.
With the slightest possible intervention, to electrify and transform the spaces of Nature
into the spaces of Art..."

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