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Nils-Udo, "Hommage à Gustav Mahler", Mound of earth, poplar plantings, grass plantings, ash poles, hazel sticks, traveler's joy, Chiemgau, Upper Bavaria, Germany, 1973


Hommage à Gustav Mahler

Chiemgau Alps in Upper Bavaria, Germany

"Planting has been at the center of my work since 1972. I first began with the farmers of my region, in the Chiemgau Alps of Upper Bavaria. Collaborating with these farmers in the early 70's I created works with earth modellings and partially expanded them by planting.

My work in the Chiemgau Alps consisted of planting trees, bushes, lawns and flowers. By integrating them into more complex installations, the work is literally implanted into nature. As a part of nature, the work lives and passes away in the rhythm of the seasons. Nature became my art area..."

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