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Nils-Udo "The Nest", Earth, stones, birch branches, grass, Lüneburg Heath, Germany, 1978


The Nest

Earth, stones, birches, grass

Lüneburg Heath, Germany

"I smelled the earth, the stones, the freshly struck wood.
I built the nest walls high and twisted the soil of the nest.
From the height of the edge of the nest I looked down on the forest soil,
up into the branch work of the trees and into the sky.

I heard the singing of the birds and felt the breath of the wind.
In the dawn I began to freeze. The nest was not finished yet.
I thought, high above on the edge of the nest squatting:
I build myself a house, it sinks silently past the tops of the trees on the forest soil,
openly to the cold night sky and nevertheless warmly and softly,
deeply into the dark earth dug."

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