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Yolanda Gutierrez "Agua Luna", 2000
Yolanda Gutierrez "Agua Luna", detail, 2000 (Courtesy : Espace d' Art, Yvonamor Palix Paris-Mexico)

Yolanda Gutierrez "Agua Luna", 2000   Yolanda Gutierrez "Agua Luna", 2000 (Courtesy: Espace d'Art, Yvonamor Palix Paris-Mexico)
Yolanda Gutiérrez


Saint Pierre Park, D'Amiens, France

Agualuna floats on the central lake of the Saint-Pierre Park, Amiens, France. As a sculptural form it recalls a time when great serpents were revered for their power to give life and death. It reveals the connection to otherwise invisible currents underneath as it twists and drifts with the wind overhead.

The symbol of the snake plays an important role in traditional Mexican iconography and is a central theme in Yolanda Gutierrez's work.

This work was acquired with the assistance of the Regional Management of the Cultural Affairs of Picardy and the public Ordering of the Ministry for Culture and Communication.

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