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Georg Dietzler, "Observation of Oyster Mushrooms", mobile patch
Georg Dietzler, "Observation of Oyster Mushrooms", mobile patch, San Francisco, CA, USA, 1996

Georg Dietzler

Observation of Oyster Mushrooms. Between Outdoor And Shelter

concept: Georg Dietzler ©1995
Material: 2,2x 3,4x 3,8 yards lattice fence; NATO barbed-wire fence; 12 tree-trunks of different american trees, each about 2 yards (diameter 8 inches); oyster-mushroom medium and cultures ; concrete basin (2,2 x 3,4 x1,1 yards); soil contaminated by PCB; security-glass; building materials dimensions: 2,2 x 3,4 x 4,9 yards.

A concrete basin, divided in two sections one outdoor, one shelter, will be fenced by lattice and NATO barbed-wire. Inside the tree-trunks - on each side 6 will be arranged - are inoculated oyster-mushroom cultures. Soil contaminated by PCB (Polychlorierte Biphenylen), oyster-mushroom medium and cultures are put in the basin. Inside the shelter the oyster-mushrooms are observable through the security-glass. It will be an experimental sculptural arrangement to observe oyster-mushrooms in different American woods and periods of Californian climate in San Francisco - outdoor and inside of a shelter.

A mobile variation on "Observation of Oyster Mushrooms. Between Outdoor And Shelter" was developed at the San Francisco Arts Institute in spring 1996 and first presented in Arts Benicias "Postwaste" Exhibition. Georg Dietzler will return to San Francisco to work out special logistics for various presentations on different public sites for example farmers markets, supermarkets, restaurants, botanical parks.

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