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Georg Dietzler, "Underground - 7,000 Acorns"
Georg Dietzler, "Underground - 7,000 Acorns", safeguarded in civil defense bunkers of the new underground parking lot market cathedral, Wesel, Germany, 1989

Georg Dietzler

Project Underground - 7,000 Acorns

Wesel, Germany

Project Underground - 7,000 acorns - safeguarded in civil defence bunkers of the new underground parking lot market cathedral Wesel, Germany.

Material: Freezer, 7,000 acorns packed in plastic bags each unite 100 acorns, notebook, Information board, set of instructions, guidelines for support and building regulations, germination equipment, construction drawing and photos.

This continuing project is focused on reforestation. It uses natural growing processes to create landscape drawings and serves as a safe for the long-term project Joseph Beuys initiated called 7,000 Oaks. This project has been partly destroyed by environmental circumstances. Frozen at minus 20 degrees Celsius and safeguarded in a backroom of an atomic bunker disguised as an underground parking lot, 7000 acorns will be continually stored in units of 100 dated with the day of freezing along with notes about the sites where they were collected. Because of their size, the conservation of acorns is difficult. Current scientific research has yeilded techniques which can prolong an acorn's ability to germinate for only one and a half years. After this period of time they will be sprouted, planted and replaced by new seeds.

As soon as new techniques are developed to keep acorns alive for longer periods of time these new methods will be used for their conservation. The notebook gives information about the sites of collecting acorns, day of deep freezing, technique of keeping the seeds ability to germinate, time of germination, number of germinated seeds, date and site of planting. This information and action will be continued for reforestation and will increase in value as a long-term project. As an individual I accompany research projects developed by seed-banks. Security measures are similuar to atomic bunkers. Goal of this projects are to protect and safe large numbers of species, a future vision is to keep seeds abilities to germ unlimited conserved. My project 7000 acorns will be finished when science will have reached its goal or when the last oak-tree has died. The owner of the piece and I will complete a generation contract for continuing the project under my presented guidelines.

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