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Brandon Ballengée
Dr. James Barron and Brandon Ballengée surveying a wetland at Slate Run Park, Franklin County, June 2001

Brandon Ballengée   Brandon Ballengée, Wood Frog Eggs at 70 Hours, 2001
Brandon Ballengée   Brandon Ballengée, Spotted Salamander Egg at 94 Hours, 2001
Brandon Ballengée   Brandon Ballengée, The rare Nothern Spring Salamander], 2001
Brandon Ballengée

Salamander Projects

Dr. James Barron of the biology department at Ohio University and I conducted a six week joint survey of amphibian populations in central Ohio in June through July 2001.

Over the past six years I have been studying amphibian declines and deformities. I have participated in and instigated numerous wetlands surveys throughout North America. Currently both Dr. Barron and I are field observers for the United States Geological Survey's North American Reporting Center for Amphibians Malformations (NARCAM)

Over the past five decades amphibian populations globally have plummeted at an alarming rate. Many once common species like Gyrinophilus are now threatened do to habitat loss from continued urban sprawl.

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