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Lada Sega
Lada Sega, Water Stones, 1999

Lada Sega   Lada Sega, Video Frames, 1999
Lada Sega   Lada Sega, Video Frames and Maps of Barcelona, 1999
Lada Sega   Lada Sega, Presentation at the Fundation Juan Miró, 2000
Lada Sega

Water Stones

Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans

In an attempt to discover the values offered us by the sea and the sea coast, and point out their ecological problems, various interventions are being carried out in different locations of the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Samples are being taken, packed and later presented in form of an installation. "Objects"found in the sea and at the beach are being distributed for free.The objects are packed in 250 cans (per location); each can is provided with a label displaying information about the contents. The final installation is also suported by a documentary video which shows the collecting and packaging at each location.

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