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Baile Oakes
Solar Drain, Hopland, CA

Baile Oakes   Solar Fountain, Hopland, CA
Baile Oakes   Solar Sundial, Hopland, CA
Baile Oakes   Solar Sundial Shadow, Hopland, CA
Baile Oakes

Solar Calendar

Hopland, California

On the outskirts of the small town of Hopland, California, the Solar Living Center helps celebrate the creative and fun side of sustainable living technology. Baile Oakes began his involvement with the Center by designing a yearly Solar Calendar. The Calendar itself is a gently sloping plaza and gathering space at the entrance of the main building with a sunset activated spiral fountain.

A six foot tall brass staff fits into holes along the basin and records the weekly location of sunrises and sunsets. Stone monuments mark the position of the sun on Equinoxes and Solstices reminding visitors of the passing of time on a planetary scale. Both environment and timepiece, the Solar Calendar helps reconnect us with our place in the universe.

This work is visitable. Click here to see a MapQuest map and driving directions

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