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Concrete Creek

Project Update

1. The Creek is now Clean for the 2 km. reclamation site. As part of the project, we have succeeded in removing literally tons of concrete dust, asphalt and garbage.

2. Truck drivers are now more familiar with the designated dumping grounds for the remainder of the concrete in the quarry area and it is now more usable.

3. Local truck drivers' awareness has now increased.

4. We have written up a series of long-term proposed solutions for creek conservation, submitted the list to the quarry management and to the Deputy Director of the Ministry of the Environment following three years of collaboration.

5. We have inaugurated an eco-tourism hiking path as artwork along the route of the reclaimed creek. The artist's studio conducts guided tours for school groups and tourists along the route.

6. The route now appears on the most recent edition of hiking and orienteering maps as published by the Israel trail Committee, of the Society for Protection of Nature ( SPNI ) 2002.

7. The Ministry of the Environment has decided to include and promote eco-artists in environmental projects.

8. The artist has conducted study-tours and courses for SPNI guides on the the creek route and on eco-art.

9. We have produced two short video-art films documenting sections of the of the Project, each about 15 min. long.

10. We have archival material on the reclamation project for services and research.

11. We produced a catalog in Hebrew. We distributed about 75,000 copies to "green" leaders, members of parliament, ministry officials and newspaper subscribers of Ha'aretz, Israel's most distinguished daily newspaper.

12. Lecture-exhibition on the Project took place in various countries including the USA (Arizona, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nevada); Germany (Berlin, Bonn); and throughout Israel (Elah Valley, Tel Aviv and other areas).

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