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Patricia Johanson, "Fair Park Lagoon", Dallas, TX, 1981

Patricia Johanson

For over three decades, Patricia Johanson has designed functioning works of art, creating infrastructures that reclaim impacted ecosystems. Her projects involve the design of unusual trails and landscaping features, reintroducing endangered plant and animal species, and creating natural oxidation ponds and polishing pools for improving water quality.

Her first major work, Cyrus Field (1970), is a several mile long forest path near Buskirk, NY made from strategically placed marble, redwood and cement block. "When I built 'Cyrus Field' I wanted to do something that would incorporate the natural world — gather it in rather than displace it. Because of the scale of the project and its intimate relationship to the living world… you have to discover it step by step as you walk through the forest."

Subsequent artworks such as "Fair Park Lagoon" in Dallas and "Endangered Garden" in San Francisco were created to provide food and habitat for various plants and animals, many endangered, as well as give humans access to areas previously undiscovered or ignored. For the large-scale "Park for the Amazon Rainforest" project, Johanson created winding ramps meandering through the Amazon jungle, reaching some   . .(Read more)


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