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Barbara Roux, "There Is Movement", 35mm photograph, 2003


Barbara Roux, \   Society of Plants
Barbara Roux, \   At War with Plants
Barbara Roux, \   A Sense of Place
Barbara Roux, \   Leaf, Branch Elements

Barbara Roux

Through her use of photography, sculpture, site-specific text and sound, Barbara Roux draws her audience into a world of natural cycles and brings to light the ongoing impacts of human intervention. From pastureland to forest, Roux heightens our awareness of the succession of plants ecosystems from the perspective of our role as witness and conspirator.

Roux grew up on Long Island without a car, which afforded her the opportunity to take long walks and witness nature just as it was: pristine, wild, untouched by human intervention. Over the years, walking the same paths she visited as a child, she has experienced nature modified as a result of human activity.

There is a sense of intimacy in her installations combined with a underlying call to action. The gentle curl of a an alabaster leaf or carved stick paired with the real thing, serves as both homage and bulky substitute. Another project, based on the artist's travels in South America and the Caribbean, creates an indoor arena for plants to reenact their struggle for control of an old plantation. Nature threatened by development in one place regains control over another.

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