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Richard Lowenberg, "Baja" site performance, 1975.


\   Cache-Putah Bioregion
Lowenberg, \   The Secret Life of Plants
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Richard Lowenberg

Artist and bioregional activist Richard Lowenberg uses text, photography, multimedia performance, painting and architecture to explore the intersections between technology and nature. With his projects, Lowenberg balances creative expression with an awareness of the limits of information technology to help create a more sustainable world.

"Life's delicate balance requires greater sensitivity and perception. An ecology of the information environment; an 'ecology of mind'; would foster intelligence, creativity and inspiration as our most valued resources. Within this conceptual framework, the arts and sciences, in pursuit of truth and beauty, ought to be the ultimate exemplars of a culturally rich, sustainable community. This would be a real Information Revolution."

His pioneering multimedia work with "The Secret Life of Plants"(1976), used biofeedback sensors to record muscular and neurological signals from people and vegetation and transformed them into musical performances. This project involved a collaboration with dancers, designers and technicians working with some of the early digital video synthesizers to show the complex interrelationships between living beings and technological systems.

For the "Cache-Putah Bioregion" project, Lowenberg traversed the area in and around Davis, California via car, foot and bicycle for a year, carefully photographing his experiences. Using haiku   . .(Read more)


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