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Ichi Ikeda in his art work, "The United Waters". This photo was a part of the art calendar in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995.


Ichi Ikeda, \   Water Ekiden, Manosegawa River Art Project
Ichi Ikeda, 80 liter Water Box, Japan 2003   80 to 80,000 liter Water Box, for World Water Ekiden
Ichi Ikeda, Arcing Ark, 1997   Arcing Ark, Kaseda, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan
Ichi Ikeda, Da-hu Park, Taipei, Taiwan   Water Senders Community, Da-hu Park, Taipei, Taiwan
Ichi Ikeda, 'Water for the Future', Bangkok, Thailand, 2000   Big Hands Conference, Bangkok, Thailand

Ichi Ikeda

The remarkable Osaka-born artist Ichi Ikeda, considers water to be Earth's most precious resource and the medium which will help deliver our planet safely into the future. As a result, he has dedicated the majority of his prolific career to raising global awareness around water issues and conservation through international conferences, community activism, public performance and interactive WaterArt installations.

Ikeda encourages people to think of the larger context in which they live and to see how our current actions as individuals affect the Earth's future. He views the conscious networking of concerned individuals as a key to sustainability. His art serves as a catalyst for change and an inspirational focal point for the exchange of water-related information.

The artist addresses these important issues through both large and small scale interventions. During his Big Hands Conference in 2002, Ikeda orchestrated an educational symposium in Bangkok which featured an interactive gallery installation with images of large cupped hands holding water, factual information and a recording of poetry by the artist.

"We the Peoples are to be born on the earth, caressed in a cradle of water and growing as it grows. All lives live in harmony. The rivers   . .(Read more)



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