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Gilles Bruni and Marc Babarit, "The Greenhouse and the Shed", Dead Picea abies cones, boughs and branches, Avellana branches, wire, stones, horticultural protective netting, Picea abies plantation, 2002.

Gilles Bruni and Marc Babarit

Since the 1980's, French artists Gilles Bruni and Marc Babarit have collaborated on experimental outdoor installations, combining agriculture, ecology, architecture and photography. These intriguing projects impose a temporary order and sculptural form to a site, connecting what was to what could be.

Once a site has been selected, Bruni and Babarit "materialize - on a specific spot, and through it - a process of temporary appropriation, the passing possession or transient taming of a place..." Using what they find on-site, they proceed by "interpreting it and its surroundings, considering its history - in ecological terms - so as to adapt to or alter the order of things; the latter being the more critical aspect of our intervention."

Bruni and Babarit describe themselves as "an association, a couple, un-identical twins, dissimilar brothers, a two-headed artist," and proceed accordingly in the creation of their sculptures. During the making of "The Stream Path", (1998) each artist took a different side of the stream to sculpt, the end result being a "light" side and a "shadow" side along the water path. Other projects involve working on different sides of a tree or hillside. Once completed,   . .(Read more)


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