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Lois Dellert, "Landscapes", rammed earth, 2000

Lois Dellert

As a PhD candidate in forestry from Toronto, Lois Dellert creates sculptures which raise ecological consciousness and "question our mechanistic view of nature". Through metaphor and a thoughtful approach to materials the artist highlights geological processes, creates public spaces and reveals the beauty of patterns in unexpected ways.

Artworks such as "Virgin Forest: Chastity Belt for a Tree" and "Working Forest" comment on traditional forest industry designations of woodlands as either "virgin" or "working" resources. The artist cleverly exposes the assumptions of these views which advocate "a position that is controlling and dominating of nature, apply inappropriate gender-based imagery, and deny the forest its identity and life force."

Dellert also applies an ancient building technique called rammed earth to create layered stratigraphic sculptures the size of fruit crates as well as large outdoor public art. Working with school children and teachers from Rick Hansen Secondary School in Ontario, the artist created "The Rammed Earth Project" - 3 large earthen walls with embedded cast objects in a new educational school garden. "Everyone watched as the walls were built, and students experienced new relationships with one another, the school population, the elementary   . .(Read more)


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