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David Rothenberg, BBC Documentary "Why Birds Sing", 2007.


David Rothenberg, \   You Make My Heart Sing
David Rothenberg, saxophone, whales.   Press Info

David Rothenberg

Musician, composer, author and philosopher-naturalist David Rothenberg plays clarinet with a band of birds and crickets and writes thoughtfully on the deep connections between humans and the natural world. His highly regarded albums and work as founding Editor of MIT Press's Terra Nova book series, have earned him a unique place in the landscape of thoughtful creative humans wrestling with (and honoring) the kinship ties which bind us to the earth and its creatures.

"There is music in nature and nature in music. What may be most wonderful is that we can love and be immersed by both without needing to understand how the two are forever intertwined. It is enough to know that they are," says Rothenberg in "A Sense of Soundscape" (below). The very challenge of writing about sound, like the complex feelings enmeshed in simply being in the wild, are part of David Rothenberg's meditation. He seeks to describe and explore this experience through words, music and his presentational skills as Editor in a way which highlights collaboration, intellectual history, and the celebration of natural beauty.

His voice is inclusive and calls on us to shift the way we listen. "...If the voice of an animal is not heard as message but as art, interesting things start to happen: Nature is no longer inscrutable, some alien puzzle, but instead immediately something beautiful, a source of exuberant song, a tune with some space for us to join in, at once a creative place for humanity to join in."



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An interview on music and nature, on NPR's All Things Considered March 2000:

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