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Gregg Schlanger, "The Perfect Lawn", mixed media installation, 2000.

Gregg Schlanger

The dramatic installations and community public art projects of Gregg Schlanger are populated with giant sockeye salmon cut-outs, indoor irrigation systems, live plants and rivers of video and digital imagery. His many engaging and educational projects call public attention to issues such as the decline of wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest and endangered species and habitat loss in Iowa Prairies and in Atlantic state ecosystems.

A recent community public art project for the city of Providence, Rhode Island involved working with neighborhood children to create cement lawn sculptures of endangered species for local residents. "Currently I am working on 'Renewed Visions: The Cumberland River Basin Project'. It is a self initiated community art project addressing issues about the water quality, the disappearance of animal species, and the quality of life (based on the river and a sense of place) within the Cumberland River [Tennessee, Kentucky] watershed."

"The Perfect Lawn" [see image] - "It was my intention to create awareness about the obsession we have with the appearance of our yards. I am concerned with the various chemicals that are placed on the grass to keep it looking green,to make it better than our neighbors. The grass is placed above a pool of water to create a connection between what happens on the surface of the land and the ground water below."


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