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Susan Leibovitz Steinman

Susan Leibovitz Steinman

Susan Leibovitz Steinman salvages materials directly from community waste streams to construct public art installations that connect common daily experiences to broader social issues. Projects include conceptual sculpture gardens that meld art, ecology and community action. Her website traces more than 15 years of art work in the public domain -- sculpture steeped in historical conceptual, performance, feminist and activist political art movements.

"Over the last dozen plus years, the [largescale public] Artscape projects have increased in scale and complexity. Most are temporary, and involve community participation or audience interaction. Designed for multiple functions and meanings, the aspiration is aesthetically dynamic, conceptually relevant artworks that function as educational greenscape models of biointensive gardening, bioremediation, reclamation and recycling. A more mercurial double-sided goal is to critique precarious ecological and social situations and still, to constructively seed hope through action."


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