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Carlotta Brunetti, "ForÍt Surprise", lime and terra di sienna, Fontenay, France, 2002.

Carlotta Brunetti

Italian-born and based in Germany, Carlotta Brunetti brings her compelling outdoor installations and indoor projects to public spaces throughout the world. Her work encourages the viewer to experience nature "with fresh eyes" and to reflect on the connections between urban and rural perceptions of the natural world.

In "ForÍt Surprise" at Fontenay near Paris, Brunetti covered the trunks of trees in a park with a mixture of lime and "terra di siena" pigment similar to the idealized brown color used by children to draw trees. The exaggerated vertical line of the trunks and our assumptions about the colors of nature were dramatically highlighted in this way within a park setting. Local tree care practices were also alluded to, since trees in urban areas are traditionally coated with lime to protect them from insects and disease.

Brunetti brings elements of the landscape indoors as well, to encourage further questioning of our relationship to nature. For the artist, humans are part of the natural world and not separate from it. In the exhibit, "In Den Himmel Rhein" (Into Rhine Heaven), a play on "in den himmel rein" (going inside heaven), Brunetti recreates a trio of landscape sections along the Rhine River, which devolve from a pristine riparian landscape on one end, complete with water sounds, to a shoreline over-populated with mussels and bits of trash. The installation uses photography and materials from the site to subtly connect indoor and outdoor, internal and external experience.

By bringing to light subtle contrasts and the role of human intervention in the land, Brunetti uses a conceptual visual language to help us question our assumptions. "One thing seems certain", says the artist, "the pain caused by the loss of a paradise is what first makes us notice paradise as a fact." References to local culture, the history of land use and the conceptual barriers which divide us, are used by Carlotta Brunetti to bring us closer to understanding our shared responsibility for stewardship of the Earth.


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