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Yutaka Kobayashi, "The undertaking of removing red soil sediment", red soil, coral, concrete mixer, Tokyo Big Site,Tokyo, Japan, 1996

Yutaka Kobayashi

Whether he is moving soil from Okinawa to Tokyo, raising chickens in a mini ecosystem as art or planting temporary gardens in asphalt, Yutaka Kobayashi creates unexpected educational opportunities for the public. The frequently participative outreach component of his art, extends his ecological messages into the larger contexts of community, school or public park in which they are placed and help stimulate dialogue and the potential for change. A current project involves a collaboration with artists Suzanne Lacy, Leibovitz Steinman, "restoring a waterfront; designing an interpretive park with mini-wetlands, where storm water runoff from a gas station hits the river" all with the participation of the local residents of Elkhorn City, Kentucky.

Yutaka Kobayashi also brings a humorous site specific poetry to the artistic presentation of useful interventions in his art. Two projects (one in Japan and another in the US) involve the installation consists of a small ecosystem mediated by chickens. Presented in a contained fenced space similar to a school playground, the simple, unadorned rectangular "Chicken House & Eco-Art Project" seeks to make "the Arts Far West school community will be more conscious of their place in the ecosystem,   . .(Read more)


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