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Albert DeSilver, "Some Gorgeous Scum", etched slide, 1999-2000


Albert DeSilver, \   One Wave Walking to Four Phases of the Moon
Albert DeSilver, \   Two Foot Water Draw
Albert DeSilver, \   Etched Slides
Albert Desilver, \   Redwood Fish-belly Dance

Albert Flynn DeSilver

As a Poet and visual artist, Albert Flynn DeSilver explores the natural and written language of movement through the graphic cycles of land and sea. By scrawling messages on slides and drawing on beaches DeSilver seems to suggest that there is little difference between these markings.

In a series of photographs entitled, "One Wave Walking to Four Phases of the Moon", the artist documents the rise and fall of the tide along a beach in Point Reyes, California. Long wiggly lines scraped into the sand mark the event. Another piece, the cleverly titled "Two Foot Water Draw", captures the alluvial patterns left in the sand as ocean waves wash around the artist's feet.

At a time when people demand ever fancier special effects from block-buster movies and aesthetics seems to be something people feel driven to purchase, Albert DeSilver's artwork calls attention to the simple elegance and genius of the natural world if we only took time to look. His photographs are driven by a desire to tread lightly and to see how things are "drawn organically in the landscape".

DeSilver's work is guided by an important philosophy which asks,   . .(Read more)



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