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Rose Mandala, created by Chrysanne Stathacos for The Invisible Thread, The Buddhism Project, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, New York, NY, 2004


Crysanne Stathacos, Wishing Tree, India, Crossed fingers, Canada, Wishing Tree, Tokyo, Fire Ceremony   Wish Machine

Chrysanne Stathacos

Inspired by the beauty inherent in being present to the wonders around us, Chrysanne Stathacos creates opportunities for reflection and connection to the natural world through installations, performances, videos and interactive public art.

By constructing mandalas from rose petals on a New York sidewalk, offering a circle of refuge and art making in an urban park, or encouraging people to deposit wishes on a website or tie cloth strips to adorn a tree, the artist facilitates public participation and sensory engagement with nature.

"Busy in daily living we forget the beauty of life around us, the energy of being. Thoughts of desire fill our minds as we try to get what we want while we miss the roots of what sustains us, nature in all her forms."

On a trip to India in 1995, she was inspired by traditional kalpataru or wish-fulfilling trees. This experience motivated her to create the Wishing Machine, a refabricated vending machine that dispenses photographs of medicinal plants and essential oils to inspire meditative reflection on desire.

Building on rich cultural traditions of using nature as a source for inspiration and guidance, Stathacos creates   . .(Read more)


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