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Jackie Brookner, "Prima Lingua", concrete, volcanic rock, mosses, ferns, wetland plants, fish, steel, rubber liner, tubing, pumps, 1996-2002

Jackie Brookner

"My commitment is to revitalize ecosystems while providing pleasure and raising awareness that the vitality of any community and the continuity of its cultural heritage depends upon the health of the natural world that embraces it.

HUMBLE: [< L. humilis low, small, slight, akin to humus, soil, earth (see HUMUS)]

HUMUS: [L. earth, ground, soil < IE. * ghom-: see HOMAGE]

HOMAGE: [< L. homo, a man , IE. *ghom-, < base *gtheim-, earth, ground, whence L. humus, Gr. chthon, earth, OE. guma man]

Hidden in the roots of our words we find   . .(Read more)


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