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Ned Kahn,"Wavespout (Breathing Sea)", Ventura Pier, City of San Buenaventura, CA 1993

Ned Kahn

Dedicated to exploring the physics and beauty of natural phenomena such as Fog, Wind, Fire, Sand, and Water, Ned Kahn uses his abundant technical skills to bring these elements to the public through interactive sculptures and large scale installations in buildings, galleries and science museums worldwide.

Giant whirlwinds, dramatic fire tornadoes and rippling current generators call attention to the forces of nature available to us on demand through art yet take place independently through weather and geological processes. Other phenomena such as ocean wave action, wind and the play of sunlight through fog are explored through outdoor installations which encourage appreciation for our environment.

"I've always looked at my artworks as potentially serving as reminders of how beautiful and mysterious Nature is, with the hope that when people have an experience of awe while watching a natural process unfold, it can fuel their compassion towards the natural world. I've tried to create an art that gives people a chance to have this kind of experience."

"'Wavespout' [see image] - A fountain that used the energy of ocean waves to create a blow hole on the end of the pier. Air   . .(Read more)


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